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Examples of 'decay' in a Sentence


1. The fruit left out in the sun began to decay, attracting flies and producing a foul odor.
2. The once vibrant city neighborhood fell into decay, with abandoned buildings and crime increasing.
3. The scientist studied the decay of radioactive elements to understand their half-life.
4. Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay and cavities.
5. The carved statue decayed over centuries, losing its intricate details.
6. The musician's fame began to decay as newer artists emerged on the scene.
7. The fallen tree in the forest gradually decayed, providing a habitat for insects and fungi.
8. The ancient manuscript was carefully preserved to prevent decay and deterioration.
9. The politician's reputation started to decay after allegations of corruption emerged.
10. The decaying smell of garbage filled the air as the waste sat uncollected for days.
11. The once thriving coral reef began to decay due to rising ocean temperatures.
12. The wooden beams in the abandoned house showed signs of decay, making it unsafe to enter.
13. The fallen leaves decayed on the forest floor, returning nutrients to the soil.
14. Neglect can cause a once vibrant garden to slowly decay.
15. Without maintenance, buildings can decay and become unsafe.
16. The old book's pages began to decay from moisture damage.
17. Over time, untreated wood will naturally decay.
18. Neglected relationships can decay, leading to estrangement.
19. Tooth decay is a common result of poor oral hygiene.
20. In the absence of care, memories can decay and fade.
21. Time can cause the colors of artwork to fade and decay.
22. Decaying infrastructure can lead to safety hazards.
23. Emotional wounds left untreated may fester and decay.
24. The once-thriving city center began to decay due to economic decline.


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