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Examples of 'defamatory' in a Sentence

1. The lawsuit alleged that the report contained defamatory content.
2. The comedian's defamatory jokes crossed the line of decency.
3. Publishing defamatory content can result in severe consequences.
4. The company took legal action against the defamatory post.
5. His defamatory remarks were aimed at damaging her career.
6. The journalist faced backlash for her defamatory article.
7. Spreading defamatory information online is a growing concern.
8. A public apology was issued to counter the defamatory statement.
9. The actor filed a lawsuit over the defamatory tabloid story.
10. The defamatory campaign sought to ruin his reputation.
11. The court ruled that the statement was indeed defamatory.
12. The editor removed the defamatory content from the article.
13. The public figure was subjected to relentless defamatory attacks.
14. A cease and desist order was issued to stop the defamatory speech.
15. The article contained several defamatory statements about the celebrity.
16. Making defamatory comments about someone is not acceptable.
17. The politician threatened to sue the newspaper for publishing defamatory allegations.
18. The comedian was accused of making defamatory jokes about a minority group.
19. It is important to avoid making defamatory statements about individuals or groups.
20. The social media post was deleted due to its defamatory content.
21. The author was sued for including defamatory statements about a real-life person in their book.
22. The athlete denied the defamatory allegations made by the media.
23. The company apologized for the defamatory advertisement it had published.
24. The journalist was fired for writing a defamatory article about a local business owner.
25. The actor filed a lawsuit against the magazine for publishing defamatory claims about their personal life.

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