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Examples of 'degenerate' in a Sentence

1. The degenerate art movement challenged traditional notions of beauty in the art world.
2. The once-pristine beach had become a degenerate wasteland of litter and pollution.
3. The novel's protagonist was a degenerate criminal who had no remorse for his actions.
4. The degenerate language used by the children shocked their teachers and parents.
5. The degenerate culture of violence and crime in the city was a major concern for law enforcement.
6. The once-thriving neighborhood has become a degenerate area plagued by crime.
7. Her degenerate behavior shocked her friends, as she had always been responsible.
8. The company's degenerate ethics led to its downfall and loss of reputation.
9. The degenerate state of the old building made it unsafe for occupancy.
10. The degenerate quality of the product disappointed customers and led to refunds.
11. His degenerate attitude towards his responsibilities caused problems at work.
12. The degenerate art collection was no longer considered valuable.
13. The city's degenerate infrastructure desperately needed repair.
14. The degenerate manuscript was barely legible due to its age.
15. Their degenerate habits strained their relationship to the breaking point.
16. The degenerate state of the environment called for urgent conservation efforts.
17. The degenerate state of public education concerned parents and educators.
18. The degenerate language used in the film offended many viewers.
19. His degenerate sense of style made him stand out in the conservative town.
20. The degenerate state of the economy led to high unemployment rates.
21. The degenerate condition of the antique car decreased its value significantly.
22. The degenerate performance of the team disappointed their loyal fans.
23. Her degenerate health prevented her from enjoying life to the fullest.
24. The degenerate state of the forest was a result of illegal logging.
25. The degenerate taste of the food left a bad impression on the diners.
26. The degenerate morals of the society were a cause for concern.
27. The degenerate condition of the historic building saddened preservationists.
28. His degenerate sense of humor offended some, while others found it hilarious.
29. The degenerate state of the river was evident in its polluted waters.
30. The degenerate behavior of the politician tarnished his career and reputation.

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