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How to pronounce debauched (audio)


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Dictionary definition of debauched

Excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures or immoral behaviors.
"The rock star’s debauched lifestyle was plastered all over the tabloids and social media."

Detailed meaning of debauched

When we refer to a person as debauched, we imply that they have abandoned moral principles and engage in unrestrained and often morally objectionable activities, such as excessive drinking, drug use, or sexual promiscuity. A debauched individual is typically associated with a lifestyle marked by self-indulgence, hedonism, and a disregard for societal norms or ethical boundaries. Similarly, the term can be applied to situations, events, or environments that are characterized by a decadent or morally degraded atmosphere. It conveys a sense of moral decay, decadence, and a departure from accepted standards of behavior. Overall, the adjective "debauched" highlights the extreme and morally questionable nature of the subject, indicating a lack of restraint and a rejection of conventional moral values.

Example sentences containing debauched

1. The debauched pirate was known for his excessive drinking and pillaging.
2. His once-promising career was ruined by his debauched lifestyle and reckless behavior.
3. The ancient city was known for its debauched parties and hedonistic culture.
4. She wrote a book about the debauched escapades of 18th-century European aristocrats.
5. The club was a haven for those seeking a debauched night of excess and abandon.
6. Critics argue that the movie portrays a debauched and unrealistic version of college life.

History and etymology of debauched

The adjective 'debauched' is closely related to the verb 'debauch' and shares its etymological origins. It comes from the past participle form of the verb 'debauch,' which, as previously explained, has its roots in the French word 'débaucher.' This French term originally meant 'to lead astray' or 'to entice away from work or duty.' Over time, as the verb 'debauch' came to signify corrupting or seducing someone, particularly in moral terms, the past participle 'debauched' emerged to describe individuals who engage in excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures or immoral behaviors. The etymology of 'debauched' reflects its historical association with moral decadence and the pursuit of sensual gratification at the expense of ethical standards or principles.

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Further usage examples of debauched

1. His paintings depicted the debauched and lascivious behavior of figures from Greek mythology.
2. They stumbled out of the bar after a debauched evening of too much wine and raucous laughter.
3. The once-vibrant neighborhood had turned into a debauched area, filled with seedy establishments and crime.
4. She was intrigued by the debauched charm of the old jazz bars in New Orleans.
5. The novel explored the journey of a young man who rose from poverty to wealth, only to be consumed by a debauched existence.
6. The debauched party lasted all night, filled with excess and decadence.
7. His debauched lifestyle led to a downward spiral of self-destruction.
8. The debauched revelry shocked even the most hedonistic attendees.
9. The debauched aristocracy showed no restraint in their vices.
10. The scandalous novel depicted a debauched world of excess.
11. Their debauched behavior at the casino raised eyebrows.
12. The film portrayed a debauched era of excess and opulence.
13. He indulged in a debauched weekend of partying and excess.
14. The city's underbelly was known for its debauched nightlife.
15. The debauched character was both alluring and repulsive.
16. The debauched rock star's life was a constant tabloid sensation.
17. The novel explored the consequences of a debauched existence.
18. The debauched cult leader's followers blindly followed his lead.
19. The debauched cabaret show pushed the boundaries of sensuality.
20. She was drawn into a world of debauched glamour and intrigue.
21. The debauched reputation of the nightclub attracted a wild crowd.
22. The artist's work delved into the darker aspects of debauched society.
23. He found himself entangled in the debauched underworld of crime.
24. The film portrayed the tragic consequences of a debauched life.
25. The debauched banquet left a trail of moral decay in its wake.



dissolute, pure, moral, virtuous


SAT 7 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Behavior and Conduct, Degenerate and Deplorable

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