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Examples of 'deracinate' in a Sentence

1. The earthquake had such force that it deracinated the entire hillside.
2. The company's relocation plans may deracinate many employees from their current communities.
3. The new highway construction will deracinate the natural habitat of several animals.
4. The flood has already deracinated several homes in the area.
5. The project required deracinating the old infrastructure before building the new one.
6. The construction project will deracinate several trees from the park.
7. The war forced many families to deracinate from their homes.
8. We shouldn't deracinate traditions that hold cultural significance.
9. The flood threatened to deracinate the entire village.
10. Urbanization can deracinate rural communities.
11. The invasive species can deracinate native plants.
12. The earthquake could deracinate structures from their foundations.
13. The new policy aims to deracinate corruption from the government.
14. Industrialization can deracinate wildlife habitats.
15. His decision to move abroad will deracinate him from his hometown.
16. The invasive vines will deracinate the garden if left unchecked.
17. The tornado had the power to deracinate everything in its path.
18. We need to find a way to deracinate poverty from our society.
19. The wildfire threatened to deracinate forests and wildlife.
20. The drought could deracinate crops and livelihoods.
21. The cultural exchange program seeks to deracinate stereotypes.
22. The dam project may deracinate indigenous communities.
23. The revolution aimed to deracinate oppression from the country.
24. The hurricane had the potential to deracinate coastal towns.
25. Globalization can deracinate local customs and traditions.
26. The construction plans will deracinate historical landmarks.
27. The economic crisis could deracinate businesses and jobs.
28. The invasive species threaten to deracinate native flora and fauna.
29. The earthquake had the power to deracinate entire neighborhoods.


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