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Examples of 'disdainful' in a Sentence

1. The art critic's disdainful review dismissed the artist's work as lacking creativity.
2. He turned away from the street performer with a disdainful snort.
3. The teacher's disdainful treatment of the struggling students only demoralized them further.
4. The waitress served the rude customer with a disdainful glare.
5. His disdainful comments about their intelligence revealed his arrogance.
6. The disdainful attitude of the shop assistant made the customer feel unwelcome.
7. The coach's disdainful disregard for the players' efforts created a hostile team environment.
8. She gave a disdainful response to the proposal, belittling its merits.
9. His disdainful behavior towards his colleagues caused tension in the workplace.
10. The actor's disdainful attitude towards his fans disappointed many who admired him.
11. The professor's disdainful dismissal of student questions discouraged class participation.
12. Their disdainful rejection of alternative viewpoints stifled meaningful discussion.
13. The manager's disdainful treatment of his subordinates fostered a toxic work culture.
14. With a disdainful glance, she dismissed his feeble excuse for being late.
15. His disdainful remarks about her achievements revealed his jealousy.
16. The professor's disdainful tone left the student feeling humiliated.
17. Their disdainful attitude toward the new colleague alienated others.
18. In a disdainful manner, he mocked her unconventional ideas.
19. She gave him a disdainful smirk as she outperformed him effortlessly.
20. The team captain's disdainful behavior discouraged team spirit.
21. He met criticism with a disdainful indifference that irked his peers.
22. The CEO's disdainful response shocked the entire boardroom.
23. Despite their disdainful comments, she pursued her dreams relentlessly.
24. With a disdainful air, he dismissed the old traditions as irrelevant.


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