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Examples of 'Pyrrhic' in a Sentence

1. The Pyrrhic election campaign drained the candidate's finances.
2. The company's rapid growth was Pyrrhic, leading to overextension.
3. The Pyrrhic quest for revenge consumed his life and happiness.
4. The Pyrrhic celebration turned somber as losses were tallied.
5. The company's decision to slash prices led to a Pyrrhic victory as they lost money in the long run.
6. The team's Pyrrhic win in the championship game was marred by the injuries suffered by several players.
7. The politician's Pyrrhic victory in passing the controversial bill cost him the support of many of his constituents.
8. The student's Pyrrhic success in cheating on the exam was short-lived as they were caught and expelled.
9. The organization's Pyrrhic efforts to cut costs resulted in decreased quality and employee morale.
10. The country's Pyrrhic victory in the war resulted in widespread devastation and loss of life.
11. The Pyrrhic nature of the project became apparent when it went over budget and missed its deadline.
12. The CEO's Pyrrhic pursuit of profit at all costs led to ethical violations and a damaged reputation.
13. The artist's Pyrrhic quest for perfectionism led to missed deadlines and a loss of creative inspiration.
14. The scientist's Pyrrhic dedication to their research resulted in neglect of their personal life and relationships.
15. The family's Pyrrhic struggle to maintain appearances led to financial ruin and emotional strain.

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