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How to pronounce abound (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'abound'

To exist or occur in large quantities or numbers.
"The bustling city streets abound with pedestrians and vehicles."

Detailed Meaning of 'abound'

When something abounds, it is plentiful, abundant, or prevalent. It describes a state of being plentifully present or widely available. "Abound" is often used to express the idea of a significant or overwhelming quantity or occurrence of something. It can refer to an abundance of tangible objects, such as food or resources, or to intangible things like ideas, opportunities, or problems. When a place, situation, or condition abounds with something, it means that it is teeming with it or overflowing. The verb "abound" emphasizes the notion of an ample or copious presence, suggesting an abundance that is notable or even excessive.

History and Etymology of 'abound'

The verb 'abound' has its etymological origins in Middle English and Old French. It is derived from the Middle English word 'abounden,' which evolved from the Old French term 'abonder.' The Old French word, in turn, came from the Latin word 'abundare,' where 'ab' means 'away from' and 'undare' means 'to rise in waves' or 'to overflow.' Originally, 'abundare' was used to describe the overflowing of water, particularly in the context of rivers or floods. Over time, its meaning expanded to signify an overflowing abundance of something, such as resources, goods, or even numbers of people. When 'abound' entered the English language, it retained this sense of something existing or occurring in large quantities or numbers, emphasizing the idea of an abundant and overflowing presence. The etymology of 'abound' reflects its historical connection to the concept of abundance and profusion.

Examples of 'abound' in a Sentence

1. Resources and support systems abound for entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem.
2. In the vast ocean, marine life and colorful coral reefs abound.
3. In the tropical forest, exotic bird species abound, filling the air with their melodies.
4. During the harvest season, fields of ripe crops abound, ready for gathering.
5. The internet is a treasure trove of information where knowledge and resources abound.
6. In the vibrant city, cultural events and festivals abound, celebrating diversity.
7. Opportunities for learning and personal growth abound in the university setting.
8. In the historical district, architectural wonders and landmarks abound, telling stories of the past.
9. In the bookshop, shelves filled with literary treasures abound, waiting to be discovered.
10. In the bustling metropolis, job opportunities abound for skilled professionals.
11. In the springtime, colorful blossoms abound, painting the landscape with vibrant hues.
12. In the realm of technology, innovations and breakthroughs abound, shaping the future.
13. In the crowded marketplace, a variety of street food stalls abound, tempting passersby.
14. In the lush rainforest, diverse species of wildlife abound.
15. Opportunities for learning and growth abound in this vibrant city.
16. During spring, colorful flowers abound in the garden.
17. In the digital age, information and data abound online.
18. The bustling marketplace is where unique treasures abound.
19. In a supportive community, acts of kindness abound.
20. During the holiday season, festive decorations abound.
21. Creativity and innovation abound in the world of technology.
22. In times of crisis, stories of resilience abound.
23. Friendship and laughter abound at our family gatherings.
24. In the realm of art, endless possibilities and interpretations abound.





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