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How to pronounce teem (audio)

Dictionary definition of teem

To be full or overflowing with something, usually in reference to living things or natural phenomena.
"The city will teem with revelers during the grand parade."

Detailed meaning of teem

For example, a forest might teem with wildlife, or a bustling city street might teem with pedestrians. The word can also be used to describe a situation that is crowded, busy, or bustling with activity. It can be used in both positive and negative contexts, depending on the speaker's tone and the context in which it is used. Overall, the verb "teem" implies an abundance or profusion of something, whether that be living organisms, activity, or some other tangible or intangible element.

Example sentences containing teem

1. Let the rivers teem with life and the forests echo with birdsong.
2. The future will teem with innovation as we unlock more technological advancements.
3. May the seas teem with fish and the skies with birds to fill the earth.
4. The holiday season will teem with festivities and joyous celebrations.
5. The universe will teem with undiscovered mysteries awaiting humanity.
6. Let our gardens teem with blooming flowers and buzzing bees.

History and etymology of teem

The verb 'teem' has an interesting etymology that can be traced back to Old English. It comes from the Old English word 'tēman,' which means 'to give birth' or 'to bring forth offspring.' Over time, the meaning of 'teem' evolved to encompass not only the act of giving birth but also the idea of being full or overflowing with something, particularly in reference to living things or natural phenomena. This linguistic evolution highlights the connection between abundance and the concept of life or growth. When we say that something is 'teeming,' we imply that it is abundantly filled or swarming with life, activity, or a particular substance. The etymology of 'teem' reflects its historical association with the prolific and fertile aspects of the natural world.

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Further usage examples of teem

1. The event will teem with celebrities, making it a hot spot for fans.
2. May our lives teem with happiness and prosperity.
3. The forests teem with life, displaying the beauty of nature.
4. This initiative will teem with opportunities for young entrepreneurs.
5. The book fair will teem with avid readers and bibliophiles.
6. The music festival will teem with fans from all over the world.
7. The art exhibition will teem with colorful canvases and creative minds.
8. May this year teem with health, wealth, and peace.
9. The startup ecosystem will teem with innovation and creativity.
10. The tech conference will teem with industry leaders sharing their insights.
11. May your journey teem with memorable moments and amazing experiences.
12. The football stadium will teem with enthusiastic supporters during the match.
13. The world of quantum physics will teem with surprising discoveries.
14. Rainforests teem with insects, offering a vibrant, buzzing atmosphere.
15. Oceans teem with life, showcasing a diverse, underwater spectacle.
16. Gardens teem with flowers, radiating bright, alluring colors.
17. Mountains teem with wildlife, echoing nature's untamed song.
18. Rivers teem with fish, reflecting a dynamic, aquatic dance.
19. Night skies teem with stars, unveiling cosmic, distant tales.
20. Coral reefs teem with colors, narrating underwater stories.
21. Meadows teem with butterflies, painting scenes of grace.
22. Ponds teem with frogs, creating nightly, rhythmic concerts.
23. Forests teem with birds, orchestrating a daily symphony.
24. Fields teem with crops, signaling seasons of abundance.

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swarm, lack, be empty, be barren



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