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How to pronounce sheer (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sheer

Complete, absolute, or total.
"Heis sheer determination and unwavering focus helped him achieve his goals."


Detailed meaning of sheer

It suggests an extreme or undeniable nature without any mixture or ambiguity. When an object or situation is described as sheer, it implies an unmitigated or pure form, often emphasizing its intensity, magnitude, or starkness. It can connote a sense of sheer beauty, indicating something truly remarkable or breathtaking. Additionally, "sheer" can also describe a fabric that is transparent or see-through, lacking any opacity or obstruction. In summary, the word "sheer" characterizes something as utterly unadulterated, profound, or transparent, depending on the context in which it is used.

Example sentences containing sheer

1. The sheer force of the hurricane ripped through the town, leaving destruction in its wake.
2. As I stood on the mountaintop, I was in awe of the sheer beauty of the panoramic view.
3. The sheer joy on their faces was evident as they opened their presents on Christmas morning.
4. The sheer size of the skyscraper made it an architectural marvel.
5. The sheer cliffs along the coastline provided a dramatic backdrop for the crashing waves.
6. The sheer magnitude of the earthquake rattled buildings and sent people into a panic.

History and etymology of sheer

The adjective 'sheer' has an etymology rooted in the Old English word 'scīr,' which meant 'pure' or 'clear.' This Old English term evolved from the Proto-Germanic word '*skīraz,' which conveyed a sense of purity or brightness. Over time, 'sheer' came to describe something that is complete, absolute, or total in nature, often emphasizing its unadulterated or undiluted quality. This transition in meaning reflects the notion that when something is sheer, it is pure and unqualified in its characteristics, leaving no room for ambiguity or mixture. The word 'sheer' is used to convey a sense of utter completeness or intensity, underlining the unmitigated and unalloyed nature of the subject at hand, whether it be a sheer cliff, a sheer joy, or a sheer coincidence.

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Further usage examples of sheer

1. The dancer's performance was a display of sheer grace and elegance.
2. The sheer speed of the car took my breath away as it zoomed past me on the racetrack.
3. He couldn't believe his luck when he won the lottery; it was sheer luck.
4. The sheer volume of information available on the internet can be overwhelming.
5. The sheer audacity of his proposal left everyone speechless.
6. The sheer size of the mountain was awe-inspiring.
7. Her talent was a sheer delight to witness.
8. He faced a sheer drop-off on the cliff's edge.
9. The sheer effort he put into it paid off.
10. The dress had a sheer layer that added elegance.
11. Their sheer determination led to success.
12. The sheer number of options was overwhelming.
13. It was a sheer stroke of luck that saved them.
14. The beauty of the sunset was sheer poetry.
15. His strength was a result of sheer hard work.
16. The task required sheer concentration.
17. The sheer force of the storm was terrifying.
18. She reached a state of sheer exhaustion.
19. The sheer complexity of the problem baffled him.
20. The sheer audacity of his plan amazed everyone.
21. Her joy was sheer and uncontainable.
22. The view from the top was sheer perfection.
23. The sheer volume of information was staggering.
24. It was a moment of sheer brilliance.
25. Their love was a sheer force of nature.



pure, mixed, partial, diluted


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