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How to pronounce outright (audio)

Dictionary definition of outright

Complete, total, or absolute in nature, without any reservations, exceptions, or qualifications.
"His outright refusal to cooperate hindered the progress of the project."

Detailed meaning of outright

It signifies a direct, straightforward, and uncompromising approach or manner. When something is described as outright, it suggests an absence of subtlety or ambiguity, presenting itself clearly and without hesitation. This adjective is often used to emphasize the extreme or unmitigated nature of an action, statement, or behavior. It can denote an unreserved and unequivocal commitment, as well as a lack of compromise or middle ground. "Outright" can also refer to an immediate or unconditional action, such as an outright rejection or an outright purchase. Overall, the adjective "outright" emphasizes the absolute and unambiguous nature of something, leaving no room for doubt or ambiguity.

Example sentences containing outright

1. The politician's outright denial of any wrongdoing raised suspicion among the public.
2. She won the competition outright, with no other contestant coming close.
3. The company made an outright offer to buy out their competitor.
4. The team showed their dominance by winning all their matches outright.
5. The new policy was met with outright opposition from the employees.
6. Her outright dismissal of his ideas left him feeling disheartened.

History and etymology of outright

The adjective 'outright' has a straightforward etymology that reflects its meaning. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'ūt,' which means out or outside, and 'right,' which is derived from the Old English word 'riht,' signifying correct or straight. When these elements are combined, 'outright' essentially means 'out of right,' emphasizing the idea of something being done in a straightforward, complete, and total manner without any reservations, exceptions, or qualifications. This etymology highlights the direct and unambiguous nature of the term, conveying a sense of absolute and unmitigated action or quality.

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Further usage examples of outright

1. The committee rejected the proposal outright, citing multiple flaws.
2. The company faced an outright ban on their products due to safety concerns.
3. His outright declaration of love took her by surprise.
4. The jury's verdict was an outright acquittal, clearing the defendant of all charges.
5. The customer's outright satisfaction with the service resulted in a glowing review.
6. Her outright refusal to cooperate surprised everyone.
7. They won the championship with outright dominance.
8. The decision was met with outright opposition.
9. His dishonesty was an outright betrayal of trust.
10. We need an outright solution to this problem.
11. The company's success was an outright triumph.
12. The offer was an outright steal at that price.
13. The mistake was an outright embarrassment.
14. She displayed an outright disregard for the rules.
15. His talent is nothing short of outright genius.
16. The verdict was an outright miscarriage of justice.
17. We need to address this issue with an outright approach.
18. The restaurant's food was an outright disappointment.
19. Her apology was an outright admission of guilt.
20. The candidate's statement was an outright lie.
21. The decision was met with outright hostility.
22. We are looking for an outright resolution to this issue.
23. The outright rejection of the proposal was expected.
24. His behavior was an outright display of arrogance.
25. The project's failure was an outright disaster.



absolute, partial, incomplete, conditional


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