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How to pronounce adjudicator (audio)

Dictionary definition of adjudicator

A person who is responsible for making judgments, decisions, or rulings in a formal or official capacity.
"The adjudicator carefully reviewed the evidence before making a ruling."

Detailed meaning of adjudicator

As a neutral and authoritative figure, an adjudicator plays a crucial role in various contexts such as legal proceedings, competitions, disputes, or evaluations. Their primary function is to carefully assess the evidence, arguments, or performances presented before them and then determine a fair and just outcome. Adjudicators possess expertise, knowledge, and often specific qualifications or training related to the field or subject matter at hand. Whether they are judges in a courtroom, referees in a sports match, or experts in a competition, adjudicators are entrusted with the important task of ensuring that a fair and impartial decision is reached.

Example sentences of adjudicator

1. The adjudicator's ruling settled the contentious dispute at the arbitration hearing.
2. As an impartial adjudicator, she ensured fair play in the sports competition.
3. The experienced adjudicator carefully reviewed the legal documents.
4. The adjudicator's decision had a profound impact on the outcome of the case.
5. The labor union requested a neutral adjudicator to mediate the negotiation.
6. Her reputation as a fair adjudicator earned her respect among peers.

History and etymology of adjudicator

The noun 'adjudicator' has its etymological origins in the verb 'adjudge.' It is formed by adding the suffix '-tor' to 'adjudge.' This suffix is derived from Latin and is used to create agent nouns, indicating a person who performs a specific action or function. In this case, an 'adjudicator' is a person who is responsible for making judgments, decisions, or rulings in a formal or official capacity. Its etymology underscores the role of individuals who hold authority and responsibility in rendering formal decisions, often in legal, administrative, or evaluative contexts.

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Further usage examples of adjudicator

1. The school principal served as the adjudicator in the disciplinary matter.
2. The adjudicator's wisdom guided the committee through a tough decision.
3. An unbiased adjudicator is essential in resolving complex legal matters.
4. The international trade dispute required an impartial adjudicator.
5. The chess tournament's adjudicator ensured adherence to the rules.
6. The adjudicator's verdict led to the artist's disqualification from the contest.
7. The union and management selected an experienced adjudicator for talks.
8. The community relied on the adjudicator's judgment in land disputes.
9. The adjudicator's expertise helped resolve the patent infringement case.
10. The adjudicator listened carefully to both parties before making a decision on the dispute.
11. As an experienced adjudicator, she was known for her fair and impartial judgments.
12. The dance competition hired a professional adjudicator to evaluate the performances of the participants.
13. The case was referred to an independent adjudicator to resolve the contractual disagreements.
14. The students eagerly awaited the decision of the adjudicator in the science fair.
15. The adjudicator's role is crucial in ensuring that the competition is judged based on merit and fairness.
16. The insurance claim was reviewed by an adjudicator who assessed the validity of the documents submitted.
17. The chess tournament had an adjudicator who ensured that the players adhered to the rules.
18. The company appointed an external adjudicator to investigate the allegations of misconduct.
19. The music festival featured a panel of adjudicators who had the task of selecting the winning performance.
20. The union and the management agreed to accept the decision of the adjudicator as final in the wage dispute.
21. He worked as an adjudicator for several years, settling disputes between landlords and tenants.



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