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confirmation, denial, negation, refutation



How to pronounce affirmation (audio)

Dictionary definition of affirmation

A positive statement or declaration of truth or belief, often used for the purpose of self-empowerment, encouragement, or reinforcing a desired mindset.
"The motivational speaker shared powerful affirmations to inspire the audience and encourage them to pursue their dreams."

Detailed meaning of affirmation

It is a verbal or written expression that aims to instill confidence, motivation, and a sense of well-being in oneself or others. Affirmations are typically constructed with uplifting and affirming language, emphasizing personal strengths, goals, or desired outcomes. By repeating affirmations regularly, individuals seek to reshape their thoughts and attitudes, replacing negative or limiting beliefs with positive and empowering ones. These statements serve as reminders and reinforcements of one's capabilities, fostering a mindset of optimism and resilience, ultimately leading to personal growth and transformation.

Example sentences of affirmation

1. Her daily affirmation of self-worth boosts her self-esteem.
2. A single positive affirmation can transform your entire outlook on life.
3. An affirmation of enduring love serves as the foundation of their relationship.
4. Reciting affirmations daily is a powerful tool for conquering self-doubt.
5. Starting your day with a heartfelt affirmation sets a constructive tone.
6. His personal mantra serves as a constant affirmation of his path to success.

History and etymology of affirmation

The noun 'affirmation' has its etymological origins in the verb 'affirm.' It is derived from the Latin word 'affirmatio,' which is formed from 'affirmare,' a combination of 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'firmus,' meaning 'firm' or 'strong.' Originally, 'affirmatio' in Latin meant the act of making something firm or strong through assertion or confirmation. In English, 'affirmation' came to refer to a positive statement or declaration of truth or belief, often used for the purpose of self-empowerment, encouragement, or reinforcing a desired mindset. Its etymology underscores the idea of making a statement firmly and decisively, emphasizing the role of affirmations in strengthening one's convictions, confidence, or self-belief.

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Further usage examples of affirmation

1. The repeated affirmation of her capabilities inspires unwavering self-confidence.
2. An affirmation of love is a vital ingredient for nurturing deep relationships.
3. Positive affirmation is a potent weapon against the encroachment of negative thoughts.
4. The consistent practice of affirmation has the power to reshape your thinking.
5. She incorporates daily affirmation into her routine as a reminder of her goals.
6. Using a positive affirmation effectively counters the influence of negativity.
7. Beginning each day with a chosen affirmation is a transformative habit.
8. The book offers a treasury of affirmations for those seeking success.
9. Her daily affirmation revolves around living a purpose-driven life.
10. Reciting affirmations regularly serves as a source of motivation and empowerment.
11. They swear by the practice of using a daily affirmation for daily motivation.
12. His steadfast affirmation centers on embracing change as a catalyst for growth.
13. Affirmation plays a pivotal role in building resilience and nurturing self-confidence.
14. The simple act of uttering an affirmation can positively impact your entire day.
15. She repeated the affirmation, "I am capable of achieving great things," to boost her self-confidence before the big presentation.
16. Writing daily affirmations in her journal helped her maintain a positive mindset and overcome challenges.
17. His success was a result of his unwavering belief in the power of self-affirmation.
18. The therapist encouraged her clients to practice self-affirmation as a means of building self-esteem and resilience.
19. The book was filled with affirmations and practical exercises designed to improve mental well-being.
20. The athlete recited affirmations before each game to enhance focus and mental preparedness.
21. The positive affirmations she received from her friends and family lifted her spirits during a difficult time.
22. Incorporating affirmations into her meditation routine helped her cultivate a sense of inner peace and self-acceptance.
23. The coach emphasized the importance of daily affirmations in developing a winning mindset among the team members.
24. The motivational app provided users with a selection of affirmations tailored to their personal goals and aspirations.
25. The workshop offered techniques for crafting powerful affirmations that aligned with individual values and desires.



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