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How to pronounce alibi (audio)

Dictionary definition of alibi

A defense in criminal law that asserts that the defendant was in a different location or engaged in a different activity at the time the crime was committed.
"The suspect's alibi was confirmed by multiple witnesses."

Detailed meaning of alibi

This can be used to establish that the defendant could not have been the one who committed the crime. Alibis are often used in criminal trials, and the defendant may present witnesses or other evidence to support their alibi. However, it's important to note that an alibi does not necessarily prove innocence, and the prosecution may attempt to disprove the alibi by presenting evidence or testimony that contradicts it.

Example sentences of alibi

1. The defense lawyer presented a strong alibi for their client's whereabouts at the time of the crime.
2. The police investigated the suspect's alibi to verify its authenticity.
3. The absence of an alibi made the suspect a prime suspect in the investigation.
4. The defendant's alibi was disproved by forensic evidence presented in court.
5. The witness provided an alibi that corroborated the defendant's version of events.
6. The prosecution argued that the defendant's alibi was fabricated to avoid being implicated in the crime.

History and etymology of alibi

The noun 'alibi' has its etymological origins in Latin, specifically from the phrase 'alibi,' which means 'elsewhere.' In legal contexts, an 'alibi' is a defense that asserts that the defendant was in a different location or engaged in a different activity at the time the crime was committed, thus providing evidence that they could not have been at the scene of the crime. The term emphasizes the notion of being 'elsewhere' or in an alternative place when the alleged offense occurred. The etymology of 'alibi' underscores the fundamental idea that this defense is based on proving the absence of the defendant from the scene of the crime, supporting their claim of innocence by establishing their presence 'elsewhere' during the critical time period.

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Further usage examples of alibi

1. The detective's investigation led to the discovery of a false alibi provided by a key witness.
2. The judge questioned the reliability of the alibi presented by the defense.
3. The lack of a concrete alibi made it difficult to establish a timeline of events.
4. The suspect's alibi changed multiple times, raising suspicion among investigators.
5. The victim's alibi was crucial in identifying the true perpetrator of the crime.
6. The defendant's alibi placed him far from the crime scene, supported by witnesses.
7. Her alibi, backed by security footage, raised doubts about her guilt.
8. A solid alibi can make or break a case, creating reasonable doubt.
9. Without a credible alibi, the defendant faced a challenging trial.
10. The alibi evidence provided crucial support for the defendant's innocence.
11. The alibi witnesses testified under oath to support the accused.
12. The detective meticulously verified the suspect's alibi with phone records.
13. The defendant's alibi was cross-examined thoroughly by the prosecution.
14. The alibi witnesses' consistent accounts strengthened the defense.
15. Her alibi placed her at a different location during the incident.
16. The alibi evidence introduced reasonable doubt in the jurors' minds.
17. The defendant's alibi was corroborated by surveillance camera footage.
18. The prosecution's case weakened significantly due to the defendant's alibi.
19. Airtight alibis can exonerate individuals wrongly accused of crimes.
20. The suspect's alibi was challenged by the prosecution during the trial.
21. The defendant's alibi stood up to intense scrutiny in court.
22. Alibi witnesses testified that the defendant was nowhere near the scene.
23. The defendant's alibi was consistent with the established timeline.
24. The alibi witnesses provided strong and unwavering testimony.
25. Her alibi, supported by multiple witnesses, raised reasonable doubt.


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