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lessen, aggravate, intensify, worsen



How to pronounce alleviate (audio)

Dictionary definition of alleviate

To reduce or ease the severity, intensity, or discomfort of a problem, pain, or suffering.
"The rain helped to alleviate the drought conditions."

Detailed meaning of alleviate

When something is alleviated, it means that steps or measures have been taken to provide relief or mitigate the negative effects of a situation. This can involve diminishing physical pain, emotional distress, or any form of hardship. For instance, medication can alleviate physical pain, while kind words or emotional support can alleviate someone's emotional distress during a difficult time. "Alleviate" conveys a sense of improvement or amelioration, emphasizing the act of making a situation more bearable or less burdensome, often leading to a greater sense of comfort or well-being. It is a term used in discussions of healthcare, humanitarian efforts, and problem-solving in various aspects of life.

Example sentences of alleviate

1. Medication can alleviate the symptoms of a common cold.
2. A hot bath can alleviate muscle tension and soreness.
3. Charities aim to alleviate poverty and hunger in communities.
4. The rain helped alleviate the drought's impact on crops.
5. Deep breathing exercises can alleviate stress and anxiety.
6. Innovative technology can alleviate traffic congestion.

History and etymology of alleviate

The verb 'alleviate' has its origins in Latin. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'alleviare,' which is a combination of 'ad' meaning 'to' and 'levare' meaning 'to lift' or 'to lighten.' So, the etymology of 'alleviate' conveys the idea of lifting or lightening a burden or discomfort. Over time, this term was incorporated into English to describe the action of reducing or easing the severity, intensity, or discomfort of a problem, pain, or suffering. The etymology of 'alleviate' reflects its roots in the notion of providing relief and comfort by lessening the weight of a particular condition or distressing situation.

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Further usage examples of alleviate

1. Rest can alleviate fatigue and improve productivity.
2. The therapist's guidance can alleviate emotional pain.
3. Generous donations can alleviate suffering after a disaster.
4. Proper posture can alleviate back and neck pain.
5. We organized a charity event to alleviate poverty.
6. Deep breathing exercises can alleviate stress.
7. She volunteered at the shelter to alleviate suffering.
8. The new policy aims to alleviate traffic congestion.
9. We donated money to alleviate the financial burden.
10. A warm bath can alleviate muscle soreness.
11. The therapist used relaxation techniques to alleviate anxiety.
12. The company implemented measures to alleviate employee burnout.
13. His kind words alleviated her worries.
14. The government introduced initiatives to alleviate unemployment.
15. Eating a balanced diet can help alleviate digestive issues.
16. The organization provided medical supplies to alleviate the shortage.
17. Regular exercise can alleviate symptoms of depression.
18. The soothing music helped alleviate her insomnia.
19. The community rallied together to alleviate the effects of the natural disaster.
20. The company implemented a flexible work schedule to alleviate stress.
21. They introduced a recycling program to alleviate environmental concerns.
22. The doctor prescribed medication to alleviate the symptoms.
23. The support group offers a safe space to alleviate feelings of isolation.


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