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How to pronounce allure (audio)

Dictionary definition of allure

The power of attraction or charm that draws someone in.
"He was captivated by the allure of the ocean."

Detailed meaning of allure

It can refer to a person's physical or personal charm, or to the attractiveness of an object or situation. The term is often used to describe something that is intriguing or captivating, and that inspires interest or desire. For example, a person with a magnetic personality might be said to have a certain allure. Or a place with a beautiful view might be said to have a natural allure. Allure can also describe the quality that makes someone or something desirable, such as the allure of fame, wealth, or success. It can be used in different contexts such as in art, advertising, politics, and personal relationships. In advertising, for example, allure can be used to describe the appeal of a product or service, while in politics, it can be used to describe a leader's charisma.

Example sentences of allure

1. The allure of the sparkling ocean drew her to the beach.
2. His charisma had an irresistible allure to people.
3. The mystery of the ancient castle held an undeniable allure.
4. The allure of adventure called to her adventurous spirit.
5. The allure of a cozy fireplace on a winter night is undeniable.
6. The city's cultural diversity adds to its allure.

History and etymology of allure

The noun 'allure' has its etymological origins in the Old French word 'aleurer,' which means 'to attract' or 'to entice.' This Old French term is derived from the Latin word 'allurare,' a combination of 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'lurare,' meaning 'to lure' or 'to entice.' In its earliest sense, 'allure' referred to the act of enticing or attracting someone through charm or temptation. Over time, the word evolved to encompass the broader concept of the power of attraction or charm that draws someone in. Thus, the etymology of 'allure' highlights its historical connection to the idea of luring or enticing, capturing the essence of something that is irresistibly captivating and appealing.

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Further usage examples of allure

1. The allure of a new beginning motivated her to relocate.
2. The allure of the exotic destination was too tempting to resist.
3. The restaurant's culinary creations are part of its allure.
4. The allure of a good book is hard to resist.
5. The charm of the old town has a nostalgic allure.
6. The allure of fame can be intoxicating.
7. The natural beauty of the park is its main allure.
8. The allure of a well-crafted story captivates readers.
9. The allure of a secret garden piqued their curiosity.
10. The allure of a classic car never fades.
11. The allure of vintage fashion is making a comeback.
12. The allure of stardom drove her to pursue an acting career.
13. The allure of a quiet countryside retreat is undeniable.
14. The allure of a dream vacation destination motivates many to save.
15. The allure of the city's nightlife drew her in.
16. The allure of the exotic destination was too much to resist.
17. She was drawn in by the allure of the luxurious lifestyle.
18. The allure of the forbidden fruit tempted him.
19. She was seduced by the allure of the fast-paced city.
20. The allure of the unknown adventure called to him.
21. She was enticed by the allure of the designer clothes.
22. The allure of the high stakes game was too much to resist.
23. He was charmed by the allure of the small town's simplicity.
24. She was fascinated by the allure of the ancient culture.
25. The allure of the celebrities drew the crowd in.



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