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How to pronounce ambidextrous (audio)

Dictionary definition of ambidextrous

Having the ability to use both hands with equal ease and proficiency.
"The ambidextrous artist could paint with both hands simultaneously."

Detailed meaning of ambidextrous

This term is most commonly used to describe someone who can use their left and right hands interchangeably for tasks such as writing, drawing, or using utensils. An ambidextrous person is able to perform tasks with either hand without experiencing any significant difference in ability or comfort. This unique trait is quite rare, and is often viewed as a valuable asset in certain activities such as sports, music, or surgery, where having the ability to use both hands can offer a significant advantage.

Example sentences of ambidextrous

1. Being ambidextrous, she excelled in both tennis and table tennis.
2. He amazed everyone with his ambidextrous juggling skills.
3. The ambidextrous musician played the guitar and piano with equal skill.
4. Her ambidextrous typing speed was incredibly fast.
5. The ambidextrous chef effortlessly chopped vegetables with both hands.
6. The ambidextrous pitcher was a valuable asset to the baseball team.

History and etymology of ambidextrous

The adjective 'ambidextrous' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is a fusion of two Latin words: 'ambidexter,' where 'ambi' means 'both,' and 'dexter' means 'right.' Originally, in Latin, 'ambidexter' was used pejoratively to describe someone who was considered deceitful or untrustworthy, suggesting that they could use both hands equally, implying a lack of favoritism or preference. Over time, the term evolved and came to describe individuals who possess the remarkable ability to use both hands with equal ease and proficiency. The negative connotations of deceitfulness faded away, leaving behind the positive sense of being highly skilled with both hands. Therefore, the etymology of 'ambidextrous' underscores its use as an adjective to depict individuals who are exceptionally adept at using either hand, displaying a rare and valuable level of manual dexterity.

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Further usage examples of ambidextrous

1. As an ambidextrous writer, he could take notes with either hand.
2. The surgeon's ambidextrous precision made her highly sought after.
3. His ambidextrous coordination allowed him to excel in sports.
4. An ambidextrous gamer, he dominated in video game tournaments.
5. The ambidextrous magician wowed the audience with his card tricks.
6. The ambidextrous tailor could sew intricate designs with ease.
7. Her ambidextrous piano playing left the audience in awe.
8. The ambidextrous archer consistently hit bullseyes.
9. The ambidextrous quarterback was known for his accurate passes.
10. He became an ambidextrous writer after breaking his dominant hand.
11. The ambidextrous surgeon saved countless lives with his skills.
12. The ambidextrous guitarist could switch between chords effortlessly.
13. The ambidextrous pilot handled the plane with finesse.
14. Her ambidextrous knitting allowed her to create intricate patterns.
15. The ambidextrous tailor created custom suits for clients worldwide.
16. Being ambidextrous, he could play the drums with incredible rhythm.



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