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How to pronounce ambush (audio)

Dictionary definition of ambush

A surprise attack or an act of lying in wait to catch someone off guard.
"The lioness waited in the tall grass to ambush its prey."

Detailed meaning of ambush

This can involve a group of attackers who hide and wait for their prey to pass by, or it can involve an individual who uses stealth to surprise their target. The goal of an ambush is typically to catch the victim(s) off guard, gain a tactical advantage, and strike quickly and decisively. Ambushes have been used throughout history in warfare, as well as in criminal activity, such as robbery or assassination attempts. In some cases, an ambush may be used as a defensive tactic, such as in hunting or wildlife management, where an animal or prey is lured into a trap or area where it can be caught. Overall, the noun "ambush" implies a sudden and unexpected attack, often with the element of surprise on the part of the attacker.

Example sentences of ambush

1. The soldiers set up an ambush to intercept the enemy's advance.
2. They fell into the enemy's ambush, caught off guard and outnumbered.
3. The detective suspected an ambush during the undercover operation.
4. He narrowly escaped an ambush by hiding in the dense forest.
5. The cunning guerrillas planned the perfect ambush on the convoy.
6. The bandits sprung their ambush on the unsuspecting travelers.

History and etymology of ambush

The noun 'ambush' has an intriguing etymological history that can be traced back to the Old French word 'embuscher,' which means 'to place in a bush or to lie in wait.' This Old French term, in turn, can be broken down into two components: 'en' (in) and 'busche' (bush). The notion behind 'ambush' lies in the idea of concealing oneself within the natural environment, such as hiding in bushes, to surprise and attack an unsuspecting target. Over time, this concept evolved into the noun 'ambush,' signifying a surprise attack or an act of lying in wait to catch someone off guard. The etymology of 'ambush' thus vividly illustrates its origins in the strategy of covertly waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

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Further usage examples of ambush

1. They laid in wait for hours, preparing for the ambush.
2. The wilderness was fraught with dangers, including potential ambushes.
3. The SWAT team trained rigorously to handle urban ambush situations.
4. The insurgents used hit-and-run ambush tactics in the conflict.
5. The enemy's ambush left the convoy in disarray.
6. The general devised a brilliant ambush strategy to surprise the enemy.
7. The sniper's position provided a perfect view of potential ambush sites.
8. The forest was a known location for guerrilla ambushes.
9. The police received intel about a potential ambush on the route.
10. The ambush caught the patrol off guard, resulting in casualties.
11. The hunters prepared for the possibility of an animal ambush.
12. The war veteran shared stories of surviving enemy ambushes.
13. The special forces unit trained extensively in counter-ambush tactics.
14. The detective's hunch about the ambush saved lives that day.
15. The soldiers planned to ambush the enemy convoy at dawn.
16. The robbers ambushed the armored car on a deserted road.
17. The police set up a sting operation to ambush the drug dealers.
18. The hunters lay in wait to ambush the deer as they passed by.
19. The bandits ambushed the stagecoach on the remote mountain pass.
20. The guerrilla fighters launched a surprise ambush on the enemy troops.
21. The pirates ambushed the merchant ship in the dead of night.
22. The security team was able to ambush the intruder before he could escape.
23. The rebels set up an ambush on the government convoy, causing chaos on the streets.
24. The SWAT team used flash grenades to ambush the suspect in the darkened building.
25. The ninja master taught his students how to ambush their opponents using stealth and surprise.


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