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How to pronounce animated (audio)

Dictionary definition of animated

Full of life, energy, and characterized by movement and activity.
"The party was full of animated conversations and laughter."

Detailed meaning of animated

When used to describe people, it suggests that they are enthusiastic, spirited, or displaying a high level of excitement and engagement. In the context of art or entertainment, "animated" often refers to objects or characters that are brought to life through motion, such as in animated movies or cartoons, where static drawings or images are given the illusion of movement. Additionally, "animated" can be applied to conversations or discussions, indicating that they are dynamic and filled with passionate exchanges. Overall, this term conveys a sense of vibrancy and liveliness in various contexts, whether it's describing a person's demeanor, a work of art, or a conversation.

Example sentences containing animated

1. The animated movie kept the kids entertained for hours.
2. The actor gave an animated performance, bringing the character to life.
3. The cartoon character had an animated expression on its face.
4. The music video was an animated masterpiece, with vibrant colors and movement.
5. The wildlife documentary showed animated footage of animals in their natural habitats.
6. The artist's paintings were full of animated brushstrokes and bold colors.

History and etymology of animated

The adjective 'animated' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'animatus,' which comes from 'animare,' meaning 'to give life to' or 'to animate.' When something is described as 'animated,' it signifies that it is full of life, energy, and characterized by movement and activity. 'Animated' can apply to living beings, objects, or even discussions and expressions that are imbued with vitality and dynamism. It implies a sense of liveliness and vibrancy, often suggesting a state of heightened activity or enthusiasm. The etymology of 'animated' reflects its historical connection to the concept of giving life or vitality, underscoring its role in describing things that are brimming with life, energy, and activity, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of animated

1. The comedian had an animated style of delivery, using lots of physical humor.
2. The video game had stunning animated graphics that made the world feel real.
3. The puppet show was an animated production, with lively characters and catchy songs.
4. The dancer's movements were animated and fluid, mesmerizing the audience.
5. The museum exhibit featured an animated dinosaur exhibit, with roaring sounds and lifelike movements.
6. The animated children, with laughter echoing through the air, played joyfully in the sunlit park.
7. Her animated storytelling, accompanied by vivid expressions and theatrical gestures, captivated the young audience.
8. The city's animated streets, bustling with traffic and pedestrians, buzzed with non-stop activity.
9. The animated film, with its colorful characters and breathtaking animation, brought a magical world to life on the screen.
10. The animated discussion, filled with diverse opinions and passionate voices, sparked lively debates among participants.
11. His animated gestures, ranging from emphatic hand movements to animated facial expressions, emphasized his genuine excitement.
12. The party, held in a vibrant garden, was filled with animated conversations, laughter, and clinking glasses.
13. The forest, teeming with animated wildlife, was a sight to behold as creatures moved about in their natural habitat.
14. The animated dance performance, with its graceful choreography and energetic movements, was a visual delight for the audience.
15. The cafe, nestled in a charming corner, was animated with the sounds of lively chatter, coffee machines, and sizzling pastries.
16. The carnival, a riot of colors and sounds, was an animated whirlwind of fun with rides, games, and cotton candy.
17. The animated parade, featuring elaborate floats and costumed characters, celebrated the holiday spirit in grand fashion.
18. Her animated enthusiasm, infectious to all who met her, inspired creativity and positivity wherever she went.
19. The marketplace, filled with animated vendors hawking their wares and enthusiastic shoppers, was a bustling hub of activity.
20. The animated fireworks, bursting in brilliant bursts of color, lit up the night sky in a mesmerizing display.
21. The classroom, brimming with animated students engaged in discussions and projects, was a dynamic learning environment.
22. The animated debate club, honing their persuasive skills and refining their arguments, prepared for an upcoming competition.
23. The animated painting, with its dynamic brushstrokes and vibrant colors, seemed to move and dance on the canvas.
24. The animated crowd, dressed in team colors and waving banners, cheered passionately for their beloved sports team.
25. The animated music, with its infectious rhythm and lively melodies, filled the room, inviting everyone to dance and celebrate.


energetic, lethargic, lifeless, static


ACT 9 (American College Testing), Middle School 15, Expression and Communication

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