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How to pronounce lively (audio)

Dictionary definition of lively

Full of energy, vitality, and liveliness.
"The lively market was bustling with vendors and shoppers."

Detailed meaning of lively

It denotes an active, dynamic, and spirited nature. When applied to a person, 'lively' suggests a high level of enthusiasm, zest, and an engaging personality. A lively individual often exudes a vibrant aura and is known for being energetic and outgoing. They possess a zest for life and tend to bring a sense of excitement and liveliness to social interactions. When used to describe an event or atmosphere, 'lively' indicates a state of being animated, spirited, and full of activity. A lively gathering or party, for example, is characterized by a lively atmosphere, filled with energetic conversations, laughter, and enjoyment. Overall, 'lively' conveys a positive and invigorating quality, adding a spark and dynamism to whatever it describes.

Example sentences containing lively

1. The chauffeur wore a smart livery, complete with a crisp hat and matching uniform.
2. The horses in the stable were adorned with elegant livery for the royal parade.
3. The hotel staff were easily recognizable in their distinctive livery.
4. The historic carriage displayed a beautiful livery from the Victorian era.
5. The delivery truck pulled up to the house, its bright red livery catching everyone's attention.
6. The airline's crew members wore a professional livery that identified them as part of the team.

History and etymology of lively

The adjective 'lively' has its origins in Old English. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'līf,' which meant life. When the suffix '-līc' was added, it created 'līflīc,' signifying something full of life, animated, or vigorous. Over time, 'līflīc' evolved into 'lively' in Middle English, retaining its fundamental meaning of being full of energy, vitality, and liveliness. The etymology of 'lively' vividly conveys the essence of this adjective, emphasizing the vibrant and spirited nature it describes when characterizing something or someone as animated and full of enthusiasm.

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Further usage examples of lively

1. The luxurious yacht showcased a stunning livery with gold accents and a sleek design.
2. The racing car boasted a bold and eye-catching livery that represented its sponsor.
3. The castle guards were dressed in regal livery, with intricate details on their uniforms.
4. The taxi fleet in the city all had the same vibrant livery, making them easily identifiable.
5. The hotel's shuttle bus had a livery adorned with the company logo and a vibrant color scheme.
6. The courier arrived in a van with a bright yellow livery, making it easily recognizable on the road.
7. The bus company updated its livery to a modern design, featuring sleek lines and a fresh color palette.
8. The mailman's bicycle had a classic livery with a large basket for delivering letters and packages.
9. The limousine arrived in a sophisticated livery, impressing the guests with its elegance.
10. The fire engine's livery was bright red, ensuring it stood out in case of emergencies.
11. The police officers patrolled the streets in vehicles with a distinctive livery, instilling a sense of authority.
12. The armored truck was marked with a secure livery, indicating the valuable contents it carried.
13. The delivery service used vans with a uniform livery, ensuring a professional and consistent brand image.
14. The vintage train was restored to its original livery, transporting passengers back in time to a bygone era.



spirited, lethargic, lifeless, dull


TOEFL 4, Vitality and Vigor, Excitement and Enthusiasm

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