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How to pronounce repeal (audio)

Dictionary definition of repeal

To revoke or abolish a law, regulation, ordinance, or policy that was previously in force.
"The legislature voted to repeal the controversial law."

Detailed meaning of repeal

When a law is 'repealed,' it is no longer applicable and loses its legal authority. This action can occur for various reasons, such as changes in societal norms, evolving political ideologies, or the recognition of a law's ineffectiveness or detrimental effects. 'Repeal' underscores the idea of a deliberate and formal decision to remove or rescind a legal provision, often through a legislative or authoritative process. It is a key mechanism within the legal and political systems that allows for the adjustment, elimination, or modernization of laws and policies to better align with the evolving needs and values of society.

Example sentences containing repeal

1. They will repeal the outdated law.
2. The government plans to repeal the controversial policy.
3. The committee decided to repeal the previous decision.
4. It is necessary to repeal the discriminatory legislation.
5. The lawmakers voted to repeal the restrictive regulations.
6. The bill aims to repeal the tax increase.

History and etymology of repeal

The verb 'repeal' has a straightforward etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'repellere,' which is a combination of 're' (back) and 'pellere' (to drive or push). In essence, 'repeal' etymologically signifies the act of driving or pushing something back, which in the context of law and governance, involves the revocation or abolishment of a previously enacted law, regulation, ordinance, or policy. When a law is repealed, it is figuratively pushed back and rendered void, returning the legal framework to its previous state without the repealed provision. This etymological origin reflects the fundamental concept of undoing or reversing legal decisions or rules, which is integral to the legislative process.

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Further usage examples of repeal

1. The opposition party promised to repeal the healthcare law.
2. The court ruled to repeal the unconstitutional provision.
3. The president signed an executive order to repeal the ban.
4. The advocates are pushing to repeal the prohibition on marijuana.
5. The committee is reviewing whether to repeal the prohibition on same-sex marriage.
6. The senator introduced a bill to repeal the mandatory minimum sentences.
7. The city council is considering a proposal to repeal the curfew.
8. The organization is campaigning to repeal the ban on plastic bags.
9. The activists are calling for a movement to repeal the surveillance laws.
10. The governor supports the effort to repeal the sales tax increase.
11. The public is demanding the government to repeal the emergency powers act.
12. The Supreme Court ruled to repeal the law that restricted free speech.
13. The environmentalists are urging the government to repeal the drilling permits.
14. The committee recommended the legislature to repeal the outdated statutes.



revoke, enact, uphold, implement


Trials and Tribulations, Conflict and Disagreement, Ending and Conclusion, Governance and Authority, Law and Order, Legal Terms and Procedures

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