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How to pronounce apologist (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'apologist'

A person who defends a particular belief, doctrine, or cause by providing logical arguments and evidence in its favor.
"He was criticized for being an apologist for the company's unethical practices."

Detailed Meaning of 'apologist'

Apologists often argue in favor of a religious, political, or philosophical position, and attempt to counter opposing arguments and criticisms. The word apologist comes from the Greek word "apologia" which means "defense" or "justification", Apologists can be found in many different fields, such as theology, philosophy, politics, and science, and may be motivated by a variety of reasons, such as religious faith, political ideology, or intellectual curiosity. They can also be found in different forms of media, such as books, speeches, or online articles. Apologists aim to provide a rational and persuasive defense of a particular position, and to convince others to adopt or support that position.

History and Etymology of 'apologist'

The noun 'apologist' has its etymological roots in Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'apologētēs,' which is formed from 'apologeisthai,' meaning 'to speak in one's own defense' or 'to offer a reasoned argument.' In English, 'apologist' refers to a person who defends a particular belief, doctrine, or cause by providing logical arguments and evidence in its favor. It implies an individual who advocates for something passionately and skillfully, often in the face of criticism or opposition. 'Apologist' can apply to a range of contexts, from religious and philosophical defenders of faith to those who advocate for political ideologies, theories, or even specific products or brands. It underscores the role of reasoned persuasion in making a case for a particular viewpoint or belief.

Examples of 'apologist' in a Sentence

1. The animal rights apologist advocated for ethical treatment of all living creatures.
2. The celebrity became an apologist for mental health awareness after sharing her struggles.
3. The apologist's speech focused on addressing common misconceptions about the topic.
4. The technology apologist defended the benefits of digital advancements in society.
5. The historical apologist wrote extensively to clarify historical events and figures.
6. The economic apologist explained the principles behind the market's fluctuations.
7. The medical apologist discussed the benefits and risks of different treatment options.
8. The environmental apologist highlighted the impact of human activities on ecosystems.
9. The literary apologist analyzed the underlying themes in classic literature.
10. The education apologist advocated for reforms in the school system to improve learning outcomes.
11. The legal apologist offered a comprehensive defense of the defendant's actions.
12. The apologist's article in the newspaper sparked a heated debate about freedom of speech.
13. The cultural apologist examined the influences that shaped popular trends in society.
14. She was a dedicated apologist for environmental conservation, advocating for sustainable practices.
15. The political apologist eloquently defended his party's policies in the heated debate.
16. As a technology apologist, he passionately argued for the benefits of AI integration.
17. The religious apologist articulated the faith's principles with unwavering conviction.
18. His role as an apologist for free speech made him a respected figure in the media.
19. The corporate apologist championed the company's ethics in the face of criticism.
20. The scientific apologist presented compelling evidence in favor of the groundbreaking theory.
21. The historical apologist sought to shed light on lesser-known aspects of the past.
22. She became an apologist for mental health awareness after her personal struggles.
23. The philosophical apologist delved into the intricacies of his philosophical worldview.
24. He served as an apologist for social justice, advocating for equality and equity.





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