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How to pronounce aristocrat (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'aristocrat'

A member of the nobility or the ruling class in a society.
"The aristocrat's social status granted them access to exclusive events."

Detailed meaning of 'aristocrat'

The term comes from the Greek word "aristokratia," which means "rule by the best." Historically, aristocrats have held a privileged position in society, often owning land, holding political power and having access to education and wealth. They were typically members of the upper class, and their status was often inherited through a noble or royal lineage. In many societies, the nobility or aristocracy played a key role in government, military, and cultural affairs. Today, the term "aristocrat" is less commonly used to refer to a specific class of people, but it is still used to refer to people of high social status, wealth, or political influence. It can also be used to describe someone who has qualities traditionally associated with the nobility such as poise, elegance, and refinement.

History and etymology of 'aristocrat'

The noun 'aristocrat' has its etymological roots in ancient Greece. It is derived from two Greek words, 'aristos,' meaning 'best' or 'excellent,' and 'kratos,' which signifies 'rule' or 'power.' In ancient Greek society, the term 'aristokratia' referred to a system of government where power and authority were vested in the hands of the best or most excellent individuals, often from the upper echelons of society. As the word evolved, it came to represent those who belonged to the highest social class or nobility, individuals who were considered the best or most privileged in terms of wealth, lineage, or influence. Over time, 'aristocrat' transcended its Greek origins and became a term used in various societies to denote members of the nobility or ruling class. Thus, the etymology of 'aristocrat' underscores its historical association with notions of excellence and power within the upper strata of society.

Example sentences containing 'aristocrat'

1. An influential aristocrat often held sway in political matters.
2. The aristocrat wore a regal gown to the royal banquet.
3. The young aristocrat was expected to uphold family traditions.
4. The palace was a symbol of the aristocrat's opulence.
5. The aristocrat's wealth and power were envied by many.
6. An aristocrat's duties included overseeing vast estates.
7. The aristocrat was known for their philanthropic endeavors.
8. The aristocrat's lineage was steeped in aristocratic history.
9. The elegant soirée was attended by numerous aristocrats.
10. The aristocrat's portrait hung in the grand hall.
11. The aristocrat's influence extended beyond their estate.
12. An eccentric aristocrat collected rare and exotic artifacts.
13. The aristocrat's grace and charm captivated the court.
14. The aristocrat's mannerisms reflected their noble upbringing.
15. The ballroom was filled with elegantly dressed aristocrats from high society.
16. The aristocrat lived in a grand mansion, surrounded by opulent gardens.
17. The aristocrats gathered for an exclusive social event, exchanging polite conversation.
18. The young aristocrat inherited a vast fortune and a prestigious family name.
19. The aristocrat was known for his impeccable manners and refined taste.
20. The aristocrats of the era enjoyed a life of luxury and privilege.
21. The aristocrat supported various philanthropic causes, using their wealth for the greater good.
22. The aristocrat's lineage traced back to ancient nobility, with a rich history of power and influence.
23. The aristocrat possessed a vast art collection, showcasing their refined aesthetic sensibilities.
24. The aristocrat traveled the world, indulging in luxurious experiences and exotic destinations.
25. The aristocrat's elaborate costume at the masquerade ball stood out among the crowd.
26. The aristocrat's social status granted them access to exclusive clubs and prestigious circles.



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