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How to pronounce atheism (audio)

Dictionary definition of atheism

The philosophical position that asserts the absence of belief in the existence of deities, gods, or a divine being.
"Despite his atheism, he attended religious ceremonies out of respect for tradition."

Detailed meaning of atheism

Atheism is characterized by a lack of faith in supernatural entities and a skepticism toward religious doctrines and teachings. Atheists often hold that the burden of proof lies with those who make claims about the existence of gods, and until such evidence is presented, they maintain a stance of disbelief or non-belief. Atheism can encompass a wide range of perspectives, from those who actively deny the existence of gods to those who simply lack belief due to insufficient evidence. It is a diverse and often misunderstood philosophical position that has been the subject of much philosophical, theological, and cultural discourse throughout history.

Example sentences of atheism

1. Atheism often leads to interesting philosophical discussions.
2. Many people around the world embrace atheism as their worldview.
3. The conference on atheism attracted scholars from various disciplines.
4. For some, atheism represents a logical conclusion to their spiritual journey.
5. His atheism was a point of contention within his conservative family.
6. In certain cultures, atheism is still considered taboo.

History and etymology of atheism

The noun 'atheism' has a historical etymology rooted in ancient Greek. It stems from the Greek word 'atheos,' where 'a-' signifies 'without' or 'lacking,' and 'theos' denotes 'god' or 'deity.' Thus, 'atheism' literally means 'without god' or 'lacking belief in deities.' This etymological origin precisely encapsulates the philosophical position of atheism, which asserts the absence of belief in the existence of deities, gods, or a divine being. The word 'atheism' reflects the fundamental concept of a belief system that stands in contrast to theism, where belief in gods or deities is central. Its Greek roots emphasize the absence of the divine in the worldview of atheists, making it a term rich in historical and linguistic significance.

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Further usage examples of atheism

1. The philosophy class included a section exploring atheism and agnosticism.
2. Her atheism did not prevent her from engaging in ethical debates.
3. A study on atheism revealed a growing number of nonbelievers in younger generations.
4. Atheism, for some, is less about denying God and more about questioning religious dogma.
5. The author's new book explores the intersections of feminism and atheism.
6. His atheism was not well-received in his small, tightly-knit community.
7. Some argue that atheism needs to be better understood and accepted in society.
8. The debate between atheism and theism continues to be a complex and nuanced topic.
9. In her speech, she linked atheism to a broader cultural movement.
10. Atheism doesn't always imply a lack of spirituality or moral grounding.
11. Several famous historical figures openly identified with atheism.
12. The professor specialized in atheism and its impact on modern thought.
13. She hosted a podcast that focused on atheism and its intersection with science and reason.
14. Atheism challenges traditional faith by denying the existence of deities.
15. Many philosophers embrace atheism as a rational worldview.
16. Atheism advocates skepticism toward supernatural claims.
17. Atheism promotes critical thinking about religious doctrines.
18. Some find solace in atheism's rejection of divine authority.
19. Atheism emphasizes reason over blind religious obedience.
20. Atheism's rise reflects changing societal attitudes.
21. Atheism encourages individuals to seek their own moral compass.
22. Atheism's diversity spans from agnosticism to militant atheism.
23. Atheism sparks debates about ethics and morality.
24. Atheism invites exploration of life's meaning without gods.



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