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How to pronounce banter (audio)

Dictionary definition of banter

Playful and good-natured teasing or joking between two or more people.
"He couldn't help but engage in playful banter with his coworkers."

Detailed meaning of banter

It is a form of conversation that is characterized by light-hearted teasing, playful sarcasm, and witty repartee. Banter is typically seen as a way to build rapport and establish a sense of camaraderie, and is often used to inject humor into a conversation or to relieve tension.

Banter can be verbal or non-verbal, it can include teasing, making jokes, puns, and playing with words. It is usually done in a friendly and playful way, not intended to hurt or offend. It's a way of bonding, showing friendship and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

In professional settings, banter can be used to establish trust and build relationships between colleagues, it also can be used to diffuse tense situations and create a more relaxed working environment.

Overall, banter is a playful, light-hearted, and good-natured form of conversation that is used to build rapport, establish camaraderie, and inject humor into interactions.

Example sentences of banter

1. The banter between the two comedians kept the audience laughing.
2. She was known for her quick wit and clever banter.
3. The banter between the two politicians was heated during the debate.
4. The friendly banter helped to lighten the mood during the long car ride.
5. He was known for his humorous banter during team meetings.
6. The banter between the two sports teams was intense during the match.

History and etymology of banter

The noun 'banter' has an etymology that reflects the light-hearted and sociable nature of the concept. It originated from the Irish and Scottish Gaelic word 'beannachd,' which means 'a blessing' or 'a wish for good fortune.' In the 17th century, it transitioned into English with a sense of friendly and good-natured conversation or teasing. 'Banter' came to signify playful and witty exchange between two or more people, often characterized by humor and jesting. The idea behind 'banter' is that such interactions are like blessings of goodwill and camaraderie, fostering a positive and enjoyable atmosphere of joking and jesting among friends or acquaintances. Thus, the etymology of 'banter' emphasizes its historical connection to the notion of friendly and light-hearted teasing or joking, reflecting a sense of mutual goodwill and amusement.

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Further usage examples of banter

1. The couple's banter showed their comfortable and loving relationship.
2. The banter between the two friends was a sign of their close bond.
3. The banter between the two teams was friendly but competitive.
4. The banter between the two coworkers was a sign of their mutual respect.
5. The group enjoyed friendly banter while they were waiting for the meeting to start.
6. Their banter filled the room with laughter and camaraderie.
7. The friendly banter between coworkers lightened the workday.
8. Sibling banter was a cherished part of their family gatherings.
9. During the game, the playful banter between teams added to the fun.
10. The banter between friends often involved witty and humorous remarks.
11. Their banter was a testament to their strong friendship.
12. The banter at the family reunion brought generations together.
13. In the office, banter was a welcome break from the daily grind.
14. The banter on the soccer field showcased their team spirit.
15. His quick wit made him the master of banter among his friends.
16. The banter at the barbershop created a lively and friendly atmosphere.
17. Banter between rivals added excitement to the sports event.
18. The banter during the road trip made the long drive enjoyable.
19. They engaged in playful banter as they waited for the train.
20. Banter between the comedy duo had the audience in stitches.
21. At the café, the banter among the regulars was a daily ritual.
22. The banter between the chefs in the kitchen was full of humor.
23. Banter between classmates made the school day more enjoyable.
24. During the hiking trip, banter lightened the load of heavy backpacks.
25. Banter among teammates built a strong bond on the sports field.


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