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How to pronounce barbaric (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'barbaric'

Characterized by extreme cruelty, brutality, or savagery.
"The barbaric practice of gladiatorial combat entertained the bloodthirsty crowd."

Detailed Meaning of 'barbaric'

It refers to actions, practices, or customs that are considered uncivilized, uncultured, or lacking in refinement. When something is labeled as barbaric, it often suggests a violation of ethical standards, a disregard for human dignity, or a departure from accepted norms of behavior. The adjective "barbaric" can be applied to various aspects of life, such as warfare, punishments, rituals, or cultural practices, that are deemed excessively violent, inhumane, or primitive. It conveys a sense of shock, condemnation, and a recognition of the stark contrast between the actions or behaviors described as barbaric and the principles of compassion, justice, and civilization.

History and Etymology of 'barbaric'

The adjective 'barbaric' has its roots in the ancient Greek word 'barbaros,' which was used to describe people who did not speak Greek and whose language sounded like gibberish to Greek speakers. The Greeks associated their own language with civilization and considered all other languages as inferior or incomprehensible. Over time, the term 'barbaros' evolved to connote not only linguistic differences but also cultural differences and perceived lack of refinement or civility. As a result, 'barbaric' came to signify behaviors or actions that were considered extreme, cruel, brutal, or savage, often deviating from accepted norms of civilization. The etymology of 'barbaric' thus highlights its historical association with the perception of cultural and linguistic differences and the judgment of behaviors deemed uncivilized or cruel by a particular culture or society.

Examples of 'barbaric' in a Sentence

1. The barbaric tradition of female genital mutilation continues to inflict suffering on young girls.
2. The barbaric methods of torture used by medieval executioners were truly horrifying.
3. The barbaric custom of public executions served as a gruesome spectacle for the masses.
4. The barbaric act of capital punishment goes against the principles of justice and compassion.
5. The barbaric act of animal fighting for entertainment highlights the dark side of human nature.
6. The barbaric treatment of prisoners shocked the world.
7. History is filled with tales of barbaric warfare.
8. The barbaric ritual horrified onlookers.
9. The movie depicted a barbaric medieval battle.
10. They endured years of barbaric oppression.
11. The dictator's regime was known for its barbaric acts.
12. The ancient civilization engaged in barbaric practices.
13. The inhumane treatment of animals was barbaric.
14. The gladiator fights in ancient Rome were barbaric.
15. The conquering army showed barbaric ruthlessness.
16. The pirates' plundering was described as barbaric.
17. The massacre was a barbaric act of violence.
18. The barbaric custom was banned by law.
19. The tribe practiced a barbaric form of sacrifice.
20. The criminal's actions were nothing short of barbaric.
21. The slave trade was a barbaric chapter in history.
22. The barbaric tribe was feared by neighboring communities.
23. The inquisition used barbaric methods to extract confessions.
24. The settlement was subject to barbaric raids.
25. The cruelty of the barbaric conquerors knew no bounds.





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