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How to pronounce bastardize (audio)

Dictionary definition of bastardize

To corrupt, debase, or adulterate something, often by making it impure or inferior.
"The chef refused to bastardize traditional recipes with trendy ingredients."

Detailed meaning of bastardize

It is often used to describe the process of taking something that is pure or traditional and altering it in a way that diminishes its value or original intent. For example, when someone takes a classic recipe and changes the ingredients or preparation in a way that alters the taste or texture, they may be accused of bastardizing the recipe. Similarly, when a language or cultural tradition is modified to suit modern sensibilities, it may be seen as bastardizing the original form. Overall, the verb 'bastardize' is used to describe a process of debasement or corruption, often in the context of cultural, artistic, or traditional practices.

Example sentences of bastardize

1. Without proper training, inexperienced chefs can inadvertently bastardize traditional recipes.
2. Poorly translated foreign films often bastardize the original dialogue.
3. Dishonest politicians can bastardize the ideals of democracy for their own gain.
4. Using the wrong techniques can bastardize an authentic yoga practice.
5. Uneducated interpretations can bastardize the true meaning of a religious text.
6. In the wrong hands, a software update can bastardize the user experience.

History and etymology of bastardize

The verb 'bastardize' has an etymology that relates to the concept of illegitimacy. It originates from the word 'bastard,' which historically referred to a child born out of wedlock or to parents who were not legally married. The term 'bastard' itself has a complex etymology, but it is believed to have evolved from Old French, possibly from the word 'bastir,' meaning 'to build,' reflecting the notion of a child born outside the confines of a formal marriage, which was considered the societal norm. Over time, the verb 'bastardize' emerged to describe the act of corrupting, debasing, or adulterating something, often by making it impure or inferior. The etymology of 'bastardize' carries connotations of illegitimacy and impurity, emphasizing the idea of tarnishing or diminishing the quality or authenticity of something.

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Further usage examples of bastardize

1. Mass production may bastardize the artistry of handmade goods.
2. The tabloids often bastardize the truth to sell more copies.
3. Commercial interests can bastardize the spirit of independent music.
4. A hasty adaptation can easily bastardize a classic novel.
5. Poorly conceived modernizations can bastardize the architectural integrity of historical buildings.
6. Misinformation can bastardize public understanding of important issues.
7. Unscrupulous developers can bastardize the intent of open-source software.
8. Without respecting cultural contexts, translations can easily bastardize original texts.
9. Fast-food chains often bastardize traditional cuisine to appeal to a broader market.
10. Improper teaching methods can bastardize the learning process.
11. Pop culture trends can often bastardize the essence of vintage fashion.
12. Heavy-handed censorship can bastardize an artist's creative vision.
13. Improper use of technology can bastardize the sanctity of personal privacy.
14. Unethical practices can bastardize the noble intentions of charity organizations.


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