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How to pronounce clamor (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'clamor'

To make loud, sustained noise, often for the purpose of drawing attention or expressing strong emotion.
"The protesters began to clamor loudly outside the government building."

Detailed Meaning of 'clamor'

It can also mean to demand or insist on something in a forceful or persistent manner. The word is often used to describe the sound of a large crowd or group of people shouting or protesting, but it can also be used in reference to any loud or raucous noise. For example, a child might clamor for attention by repeatedly calling out or tugging on a parent's sleeve, or a political movement might clamor for change by staging protests or rallies. Overall, the verb "clamor" conveys a sense of urgency and intensity in the way that noise or demands are made.

History and Etymology of 'clamor'

The verb 'clamor' has its etymological roots in Latin, specifically from the word 'clamor,' which means 'a loud outcry' or 'shout.' This Latin term traces back to the verb 'clamare,' meaning 'to cry out' or 'to shout.' Therefore, the etymology of 'clamor' reflects the act of making a loud and sustained noise, typically through shouting or crying out. This historical connection highlights the fundamental nature of the word, which is to draw attention or express strong emotion through a noisy and vehement outcry, making 'clamor' a fitting term to describe such a vociferous and attention-grabbing action.

Examples of 'clamor' in a Sentence

1. The customers will clamor for better customer service at the store.
2. The students will clamor for a longer lunch break.
3. The employees will clamor for a pay raise during negotiations.
4. The patients will clamor for quicker access to healthcare services.
5. The citizens will clamor for stricter gun control laws.
6. The concertgoers will clamor for their favorite band to take the stage.
7. The voters will clamor for transparency in political campaigns.
8. The commuters will clamor for more reliable public transportation options.
9. The tenants will clamor for repairs to be made in their apartments.
10. The sports fans will clamor for their team to win the championship.
11. The workers will clamor for improved working conditions.
12. The environmentalists will clamor for the protection of endangered species.
13. The customers will clamor for a refund after receiving a faulty product.
14. The protesters continued to clamor for justice in the streets.
15. The children would clamor excitedly when the ice cream truck arrived.
16. As the concert began, the audience started to clamor for an encore.
17. The fans would clamor for autographs after the game.
18. In the courtroom, both sides would clamor to be heard.
19. The workers would clamor for fair wages and better working conditions.
20. The politicians could hear the crowd's clamor for change.
21. The thunderstorm's approach made the trees clamor with rustling leaves.
22. As the chef prepared the meal, the kitchen would clamor with activity.
23. The students would clamor for more time to complete their assignments.
24. The news of the sale made customers clamor to get the best deals.





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