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connection, alienation, exclusion, detachment



How to pronounce belonging (audio)

Dictionary definition of belonging

A sense of ownership, attachment, or connection to a person, group, place, or object.
"The national anthem sung by the crowd at the stadium created a powerful sense of belonging to the nation."

Detailed meaning of belonging

It encompasses the feeling of being a part of something, of fitting in and having a place where one is accepted and valued. Belonging goes beyond mere physical possession and delves into the emotional and psychological realm. It signifies a deep sense of identity and acceptance, where one feels understood, supported, and included within a particular community or context. Belonging plays a crucial role in shaping an individual's sense of self and well-being, as it satisfies the innate human need for social connection and acceptance. It can arise from personal relationships, cultural affiliations, shared experiences, or even a connection to a physical location. Belonging offers a sense of security, validation, and a foundation for personal growth, allowing individuals to express their true selves and develop a sense of purpose and identity within the context of their chosen or innate communities.

Example sentences of belonging

1. The old photograph evoked a strong sense of belonging to my family's history.
2. The tight-knit community provided a deep sense of belonging for its residents.
3. Her favorite book became a source of comfort and belonging during challenging times.
4. The team's victory created a shared sense of belonging and pride among the players.
5. The immigrant found a sense of belonging in the multicultural neighborhood.
6. The cozy cabin in the woods gave him a feeling of belonging in nature.

History and etymology of belonging

The noun 'belonging' has its origins in the Middle English word 'belongen,' which was a combination of 'be-' and 'longen.' In Middle English, 'belongen' meant 'to be appropriate' or 'to be suitable.' The prefix 'be-' often conveyed completeness or intensity, while 'longen' referred to something that was due or proper. Over time, the meaning of 'belongen' evolved to encompass the sense of something being appropriate or proper to someone, leading to the concept of ownership or attachment. Thus, the etymology of 'belonging' reflects the historical notion that something 'belongs' to someone when it is deemed appropriate or suitable for them, emphasizing the sense of connection and ownership that comes with such appropriateness or suitability.

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Further usage examples of belonging

1. The club's members shared a sense of belonging and camaraderie.
2. The art workshop provided a space of belonging where creativity flourished.
3. The religious ceremony fostered a sense of belonging and spiritual connection.
4. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of the café created a sense of belonging for its regulars.
5. The support group offered a sense of belonging and understanding to those facing similar challenges.
6. Her grandmother's necklace held sentimental belonging for her.
7. Finding a sense of belonging in a new city can be challenging.
8. The old house gave a deep feeling of belonging.
9. In the library, I found a sense of belonging among books.
10. A pet can bring a strong sense of belonging to a family.
11. The team's camaraderie fosters a sense of belonging.
12. She searched for a place where she felt a sense of belonging.
13. The ancestral land carried a profound sense of belonging.
14. Cultural traditions can instill a sense of belonging.
15. Online communities provide a sense of belonging.
16. His childhood toy held sentimental belonging.
17. The club welcomed her, creating a sense of belonging.
18. Art can evoke a sense of belonging to a time or place.
19. In the forest, I felt a primal sense of belonging.
20. The old photograph sparked a feeling of belonging.
21. The religious group offered a strong sense of belonging.
22. The tight-knit neighborhood fostered belonging.
23. Music can evoke a deep sense of belonging.
24. The family heirloom carried a legacy of belonging.
25. Nature provides a sense of belonging to many people.



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