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How to pronounce bibulous (audio)

Dictionary definition of bibulous

Having a strong inclination or capacity for drinking alcohol, often to excess.
"The bibulous culture of the fraternity house contributed to their rowdy reputation."

Detailed meaning of bibulous

When applied to a person, it suggests a fondness for or habit of consuming alcoholic beverages regularly. "Bibulous" individuals may have a reputation for enjoying social gatherings or occasions where alcohol is involved, and they may display signs of intoxication more frequently than others. This term can also refer to materials or substances that readily absorb liquids, such as paper or sponges, which soak up liquids efficiently. In a broader sense, "bibulous" may be used metaphorically to describe anything that seems to absorb or soak up other influences or qualities easily, beyond just alcohol consumption, though this usage is less common.

Example sentences of bibulous

1. He was known for his bibulous behavior, often stumbling out of bars late at night.
2. Her bibulous tendencies became a cause for concern among her friends and family.
3. The bibulous partygoers reveled in the festivities, downing one drink after another.
4. Despite his bibulous habits, he somehow managed to hold down a job.
5. The bibulous revelry at the wedding reception lasted well into the early hours of the morning.
6. His bibulous exploits often led to wild and unpredictable nights.

History and etymology of bibulous

The adjective 'bibulous' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'bibulus,' which is related to 'bibere,' meaning 'to drink.' In its original Latin sense, 'bibulus' described someone who was fond of drinking or had a strong inclination for it. Over time, this term was adopted into English and retained its association with a strong inclination or capacity for consuming alcoholic beverages. When we describe someone as 'bibulous' in modern English, we are highlighting their proclivity for drinking, often to excess. The term underscores a person's love for or indulgence in alcoholic drinks, emphasizing their propensity for partaking in such beverages.

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Further usage examples of bibulous

1. She struggled to control her bibulous cravings, which were taking a toll on her health.
2. The bibulous atmosphere at the pub was charged with laughter and camaraderie.
3. Despite his bibulous reputation, he never seemed to suffer from hangovers.
4. The bibulous binges were starting to affect his relationships and career.
5. He joined a support group to help him overcome his bibulous habits.
6. The bibulous festivities during the holiday season were legendary in their town.
7. Her bibulous escapades were the stuff of legends among her college friends.
8. He couldn't resist the allure of the bibulous lifestyle, even though it was detrimental.
9. She decided to seek professional help to address her bibulous behavior.
10. His bibulous tendencies became a major point of contention in his marriage.
11. The bibulous party ended with a raucous sing-along in the wee hours of the morning.
12. The bibulous patrons at the bar were always looking for the next round of drinks.
13. He finally hit rock bottom when his bibulous habits landed him in legal trouble.
14. The bibulous revelers celebrated New Year's Eve with fireworks and champagne.
15. Her bibulous lifestyle was a stark contrast to her otherwise responsible persona.
16. Despite his bibulous tendencies, he managed to maintain his outward composure.
17. The bibulous atmosphere at the nightclub was electric, with music and drinks flowing freely.



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