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How to pronounce crapulous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of crapulous

Suffering physically from the consequences of excessive indulgence in food or drink, especially alcohol.
"He stumbled down the street in a crapulous stupor."

Detailed meaning of crapulous

When someone is described as feeling crapulous, it implies that they are experiencing discomfort, nausea, or other physical symptoms resulting from overconsumption. This term is often associated with the aftermath of a night of heavy drinking or excessive feasting. It underscores a sense of regret and physical unease, reminding us of the consequences that can accompany overindulgence in pleasurable but ultimately harmful behaviors. "Crapulous" is a somewhat informal and colorful way to express the discomfort that follows such excessive indulgence.

Example sentences containing crapulous

1. After the wild party, he woke up feeling absolutely crapulous.
2. The excessive drinking left him with a severe and crapulous hangover.
3. Her decision to indulge in junk food led to a crapulous feeling of regret.
4. The crapulous state of the apartment after the party was overwhelming.
5. The overindulgent feast left them feeling uncomfortably crapulous.
6. He felt embarrassed by his crapulous behavior at the company gathering.

History and etymology of crapulous

The adjective 'crapulous' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'crapula,' which means 'intoxication' or 'excessive drinking.' 'Crapulous' is used to describe a state of suffering physically from the consequences of excessive indulgence in food or drink, especially alcohol. The term embodies the concept of the discomfort and illness that often follows a period of excessive indulgence or overconsumption, particularly of alcoholic beverages. 'Crapulous' reflects the recognition of the physical toll that such indulgence can take on the body and serves as a reminder of the potential adverse effects of overdoing it in terms of food and drink.

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Further usage examples of crapulous

1. The morning after the celebration, the house was in a crapulous state of disarray.
2. The crapulous atmosphere in the casino was filled with the lingering scent of alcohol.
3. She couldn't shake off the crapulous sensation following the night of heavy drinking.
4. The aftermath of the holiday feast left the dining room in a crapulous mess.
5. The crapulous laughter and slurred speech were evidence of a wild night out.
6. The artist's work was criticized for its chaotic and crapulous style.
7. Despite the crapulous festivities, he managed to remember the evening's events.
8. The crapulous revelry in the streets continued long into the early morning.
9. The morning sunlight revealed the crapulous state of the backyard after the party.
10. The crapulous noise and chaos from the neighboring apartment kept her awake all night.
11. His crapulous appearance at the meeting raised concerns about his professionalism.
12. The host was surprised by the crapulous aftermath of the holiday dinner.
13. The room smelled of smoke and alcohol, evidence of the crapulous party that had taken place.
14. Her friends jokingly called her the "Queen of Crapulous Celebrations" due to her tendency to throw wild parties.



hungover, sober, clearheaded, abstinent


GRE 12 (Graduate Record Examination), Abundance and Excess, Aftermath and Consequences, Conduct and Character, Cause and Effect, Consumption and Utilization, Sorrow and Strife, Enjoyment and Indulgence, Ailments and Ill-Health

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