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How to pronounce bigamy (audio)

Dictionary definition of bigamy

The act of marrying someone while still legally married to another person.
"The man's second marriage was declared invalid due to bigamy."

Detailed meaning of bigamy

It is a criminal offense in most countries and is considered a form of polygamy. Bigamy is a statutory crime, meaning that it is prohibited by law, and is punishable by imprisonment or fine. It is characterized by the act of marrying a person without legally ending a previous marriage. This can occur when a person enters into a marriage while still legally married, or marries a second time without obtaining a divorce or annulment from the first marriage. Bigamy is considered as a serious crime and is punishable in most countries, and is considered a violation of marriage laws, it can also have serious legal and personal consequences, such as annulment of the second marriage, legal separation, or even jail time.

Example sentences of bigamy

1. Bigamy is the act of marrying someone while already being legally married to another person.
2. In many countries, bigamy is considered a criminal offense.
3. The man was arrested and charged with bigamy when his second wife discovered his existing marriage.
4. She filed for divorce after discovering her husband's bigamy.
5. Bigamy can have serious legal and emotional consequences for all parties involved.
6. The woman confronted her husband's mistress and accused him of committing bigamy.

History and etymology of bigamy

The term 'bigamy' has a fascinating etymology that sheds light on the act of marrying someone while still legally married to another person. It derives from two ancient Greek words: 'bi,' meaning 'two,' and 'gamos,' meaning 'marriage.' When combined, 'bigamy' literally means 'having two marriages.' This etymology reflects the essence of the offense, which involves the unlawful act of entering into a second marriage while the first marriage remains legally binding. It captures the idea of dual marital commitments and the legal and moral complexities associated with such actions.

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Further usage examples of bigamy

1. The court ruled in favor of the first wife and declared the second marriage null and void due to bigamy.
2. He attempted to conceal his bigamy by living a double life with two separate families.
3. The documentary shed light on the consequences of bigamy and its impact on individuals and families.
4. Bigamy is often associated with deception and betrayal.
5. The church refused to perform the wedding ceremony, suspecting the groom's bigamy.
6. She sought legal advice to protect her rights and assets in case her husband committed bigamy.
7. The man's bigamy scandal became a topic of public discussion and scrutiny.
8. Bigamy is prohibited by religious doctrines in many cultures.
9. The legal system takes bigamy seriously and imposes penalties on those found guilty.
10. The woman felt devastated when she discovered her husband's bigamy through a chance encounter.
11. Bigamy can complicate matters of inheritance, custody, and property rights.
12. The man's bigamy came to light when he mistakenly sent a love letter to his first wife's address.
13. The lawyer advised his client to gather evidence to prove the other party's bigamy during the divorce proceedings.
14. The community was shocked when a prominent figure was exposed for practicing bigamy.



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