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How to pronounce billow (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'billow'

To surge or swell outward in a large, rolling mass, often as a result of the forces of wind, heat, or movement.
"Smoke began to billow out of the chimney as the fire grew stronger."

Detailed Meaning of 'billow'

The verb "clamber" refers to the action of climbing or moving with effort, often in a clumsy or ungainly manner. When someone clammers, they use their hands and feet to ascend or traverse steep, uneven, or challenging surfaces, such as climbing up a rocky hillside, scaling a tree, or scrambling over obstacles. It typically implies a lack of grace or smoothness in the movement, as the person may need to struggle or use force to navigate the terrain. "Clamber" evokes the idea of a determined and sometimes awkward ascent, highlighting the physical effort and often ungraceful technique involved in overcoming obstacles or reaching a higher point.

History and Etymology of 'billow'

The verb 'billow' has its etymological roots in Old English. It is derived from the Old English word 'bylgan,' which means 'to swell' or 'to surge.' In Old English, 'bylgan' was often used to describe the swelling or surging of the sea, particularly when stirred by strong winds or currents. Over time, this term evolved into 'billow' in Middle English and retained its sense of surging or swelling, often as a result of the forces of wind, heat, or movement. 'Billow' is commonly used to depict the large, rolling masses of substances like smoke, clouds, or waves. The etymology of 'billow' effectively conveys its historical association with the idea of swelling or surging, emphasizing its role as a verb used to describe the expansive and rolling motion of various substances, typically influenced by natural forces.

Examples of 'billow' in a Sentence

1. The steam from the hot cup of tea billow into the air.
2. The thick fog billow across the field, obscuring visibility.
3. The waves crash against the rocks, causing white foam to billow.
4. The dust from the construction site billow in the air, making it difficult to see.
5. The volcanic ash billow from the volcano, covering the surrounding area.
6. The curtains in the haunted house billow mysteriously, giving it an eerie atmosphere.
7. The fabric of her dress billow around her as she twirls on the dance floor.
8. The dry leaves on the ground billow in the wind, creating a rustling sound.
9. The waterfall cascades down the rocks, causing mist to billow into the air.
10. The campfire's smoke billow into the night sky, carrying the aroma of burning wood.
11. The steam from the locomotive's engine billow into the station as the train arrives.
12. The hot air balloon rises into the sky, causing the colorful fabric to billow.
13. The curtains in the theater billow open as the performance begins.
14. The dust storm causes the sand to billow across the desert, creating a hazy atmosphere.





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