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How to pronounce undulate (audio)

Dictionary definition of undulate

To move with a series of smooth, wavelike curves, or rises and falls.
"The landscape began to undulate as we approached the foothills of the mountains."

Detailed meaning of undulate

When something undulates, it moves in a manner that resembles waves, often alternating between peaks and troughs. The term is often used to describe the movement of objects or substances, such as water, light, or air. For example, the ocean waves can undulate as they move towards the shore, or the lights of a city skyline can undulate as they reflect off of moving objects. In biology, the term is often used to describe the movement of snakes, as they move in a series of smooth, wavelike motions. In all cases, the verb "undulate" is used to describe a fluid, rhythmic movement that is characterized by smooth, repetitive patterns.

Example sentences containing undulate

1. The fields of golden wheat undulate in the soft summer breeze.
2. The belly dancer's movements make her vibrant costume undulate.
3. As you move through the water, let your body undulate like a fish.
4. The curtains in the ancient castle undulate with the ghostly air currents.
5. When she plays the theremin, her hands undulate in the air, creating ethereal music.
6. The colors on the canvas undulate, mesmerizing the viewer.

History and etymology of undulate

The verb 'undulate' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'undula,' which means 'a small wave' or 'ripple.' 'Undulate' describes the action of moving with a series of smooth, wavelike curves, or rises and falls. It conveys the idea of a graceful and rhythmic motion, akin to the undulating movements of waves on water. The term is often used to depict the swaying of grass in the wind, the gentle rolling of hills, or the fluid motion of aquatic creatures. 'Undulate' embodies the concept of fluidity and continuity in movement, capturing the mesmerizing and harmonious flow found in nature's patterns, as well as in certain forms of artistic expression and design.

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Further usage examples of undulate

1. During the earthquake, the previously solid ground began to undulate.
2. The massive crowd seemed to undulate like a giant ocean wave.
3. In the desert, the dunes undulate, constantly reshaped by the wind.
4. The northern lights undulate in the night sky, creating an unforgettable spectacle.
5. The neon signs undulate with a life of their own in the bustling city at night.
6. The ribbons in the rhythmic gymnastics routine undulate with each of her movements.
7. The long grasses undulate with the passing of unseen wildlife.
8. A slithering snake can undulate across the sand with surprising speed.
9. In the aquarium, the underwater plants undulate with the water current.
10. The lines of the poem undulate, drawing readers into its rhythm.
11. The silk fabric will undulate beautifully if you attach it to the ceiling fan.
12. The jellyfish tentacles undulate, displaying a hypnotic dance.
13. In her dream, the skyscrapers started to undulate like ocean waves.
14. The wheat fields undulate in the breeze like a golden ocean.
15. The dancer's graceful arms undulate as she moves across the stage.
16. The underwater plants undulate with the gentle current.
17. The flag seemed to undulate in the strong wind.
18. The fabric undulates, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.
19. The snake's body can undulate as it slithers through the grass.
20. The sand dunes undulate across the desert landscape.
21. Beneath the surface, fish undulate in synchronized patterns.
22. The singer's voice had an undulating quality, captivating the audience.
23. The rolling hills undulate as far as the eye can see.
24. The colorful tapestry undulates with intricate patterns.



ripple, stabilize, straighten, flatten


Alternation and Rotation, Complexity and Intricacy, Shuffle and Shift, Actions and Manoeuvres

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