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How to pronounce blight (audio)

Dictionary definition of blight

To spoil, wither, or harm something, typically referring to the negative impact on plants, crops, or the general well-being of an area.
"The political instability continues to blight the nation's progress."

Detailed meaning of blight

When something is 'blighted,' it indicates that it has been affected by a condition or factor that hinders its growth, health, or prosperity. 'Blight' can be used in the context of plant diseases that cause wilting or death, but it can also describe the destructive influence of various factors, such as economic downturns or social issues, on communities or regions. This term conveys the idea of a damaging or detrimental force that has a negative impact, often leading to decay or decline. 'Blight' underscores the need to address and mitigate the adverse effects of such factors to promote growth, health, and well-being.

Example sentences of blight

1. The drought blight the crops, causing widespread devastation.
2. The economic downturn blight the hopes of many aspiring entrepreneurs.
3. The disease began to blight the once-lush garden.
4. The relentless heat wave started to blight the landscape, turning it into a barren wasteland.
5. The corruption within the government continues to blight the nation's progress.
6. The invasive species blight the native flora and fauna of the region.

History and etymology of blight

The verb 'blight' has its origins in Middle English and can be traced back to the Old English word 'blihtan,' which meant 'to shine' or 'to make bright.' Interestingly, over time, the meaning of 'blight' shifted dramatically. It transitioned from a word associated with brightness to one describing the opposite – the spoiling, withering, or harm of something. This transformation can be attributed to the destructive nature of plant diseases, which often affect the brightness and vitality of crops and vegetation. As a result, 'blight' came to represent the negative impact on plants, crops, or the general well-being of an area, reflecting the idea of something being tarnished or harmed, rather than made bright.

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Further usage examples of blight

1. The ongoing conflict has blight the lives of innocent civilians.
2. The pollution from industrial activities has blight the once-pristine river.
3. The lack of investment and development has blight the urban areas.
4. The scandal has blight the reputation of the company.
5. The neglect and mismanagement blight the historic landmark.
6. The outbreak of pests began to blight the orchard, devastating the fruit trees.
7. The economic disparity blight the society, creating a divide between the rich and the poor.
8. The crime rate has blight the neighborhood, making it unsafe for residents.
9. The loss of biodiversity is a significant blight on our planet.
10. The graffiti and vandalism blight the city streets, giving them a rundown appearance.
11. The lack of proper infrastructure blight the quality of life in rural areas.
12. The negative attitudes and pessimism blight the community spirit.
13. The ongoing conflict between the two factions has blight the region for years.
14. The relentless drought threatened to blight our once-thriving garden.
15. A sudden frost can blight even the hardiest of fruit trees.
16. Pollution from factories continues to blight the river's ecosystem.
17. The economic downturn has the potential to blight our future prospects.
18. Invasive species have begun to blight the local flora and fauna.
19. The pandemic's impact on tourism has blighted the coastal towns.
20. A lack of investment can blight a neighborhood's development.
21. Prolonged stress can blight one's mental and physical well-being.
22. The persistent blight of corruption erodes trust in government.
23. Mismanagement can easily blight a company's reputation.
24. Overfishing threatens to blight the ocean's delicate balance.


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