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How to pronounce boorish (audio)

Dictionary definition of boorish

Behaving in a rude, crude, or uncultured manner, lacking social graces and displaying a lack of consideration for others.
"She was offended by his boorish comments, finding them to be insensitive and hurtful."

Detailed meaning of boorish

When a person is described as boorish, it implies that they often engage in behavior that is considered offensive, insensitive, or ill-mannered in social or polite settings. Boorish individuals may disregard common courtesies, be impolite in conversation, or exhibit behaviors that are considered socially unacceptable. This term underscores the idea of a lack of refinement and tact in one's conduct, often leading to discomfort or offense in social interactions.

Example sentences of boorish

1. His boorish comments offended everyone at the party.
2. The boorish behavior of the guest disrupted the event.
3. Boorish conduct is not tolerated in our workplace.
4. She found his boorish sense of humor distasteful.
5. Boorish behavior can damage one's reputation.
6. The boorish remarks left a negative impression.

History and etymology of boorish

The adjective 'boorish' finds its etymological origins in the Middle English word 'boor,' which referred to a rustic, unrefined, or uncultivated person. 'Boor' itself likely came from the Old French word 'bovier,' meaning 'cowherd' or 'oxherd.' This term was further influenced by the Old French word 'bue,' which meant 'ox' or 'cow.' Over time, 'boor' in Middle English evolved to describe someone who exhibited rude, crude, or uncultured behavior, often lacking social graces and displaying a lack of consideration for others. The addition of the '-ish' suffix transformed 'boor' into 'boorish,' solidifying its meaning as an adjective denoting behavior that is unrefined and socially inept. The etymology of 'boorish' underscores its historical connection to rustic or uncultivated origins, reflecting the idea of a lack of refinement and social manners.

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Further usage examples of boorish

1. His boorish manners made a poor first impression.
2. We were shocked by his boorish treatment of the staff.
3. The boorish attitude of the customer upset the employees.
4. His boorishness made the dinner party uncomfortable.
5. She couldn't stand his boorish behavior any longer.
6. The boorish remarks were completely uncalled for.
7. Boorish conduct is unacceptable in a professional setting.
8. The boorish guest insulted everyone with his comments.
9. His boorish actions embarrassed his friends.
10. Boorish behavior is a sign of immaturity.
11. The restaurant manager addressed the boorish customer.
12. Her boorish behavior ruined the evening for everyone.
13. Boorish conduct is not tolerated in our community.
14. His boorish attitude made it difficult to work with him.
15. He acted in a boorish manner, ignoring social norms and behaving rudely.
16. She was taken aback by his boorish behavior, finding it offensive and uncivilized.
17. The party guests were put off by his boorish manners, finding him to be lacking in etiquette.
18. He was known for his boorish behavior, often acting in a crude and unmannered way.
19. The host was dismayed by the boorish behavior of his guests, wishing they had shown more decorum.
20. He was criticized for his boorish behavior, often being seen as lacking in social grace.
21. She was put off by his boorish attitude, finding him to be lacking in humility.
22. The coworkers were uncomfortable with his boorish jokes, finding them to be in poor taste.
23. He was described as boorish by those who knew him, finding him to be lacking in manners and tact.
24. She was embarrassed by his boorish behavior at the event, wishing he had shown more restraint.
25. The class was disturbed by the boorish attitude of the student, finding it disruptive and unproductive.



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