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How to pronounce rude (audio)


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Dictionary definition of rude

Displaying a lack of courtesy, consideration, or respect for others.
"It's considered rude to talk loudly on your phone in a quiet library."


Detailed meaning of rude

When someone is described as rude, it suggests that they are impolite, ill-mannered, or insensitive in their interactions with others. Rude behavior can manifest in various ways, such as speaking disrespectfully, ignoring social norms, interrupting or talking over others, being dismissive or condescending, or showing a disregard for personal boundaries. It is important to note that rudeness is subjective and can vary across different cultures and contexts. However, universally, it is generally considered undesirable and can create tension or discomfort in social interactions.

Example sentences containing rude

1. The customer was extremely rude to the waiter, snapping their fingers and demanding immediate service.
2. I couldn't believe how rude my neighbor was when they repeatedly played loud music late into the night.
3. It was incredibly rude of him to cut in line and ignore the people who had been waiting patiently.
4. Sarah's comment about her friend's appearance was downright rude and hurtful.
5. The boss's rude tone during the meeting made everyone feel uncomfortable and intimidated.
6. The driver was honking loudly and shouting rude remarks at the pedestrian who accidentally stepped onto the road.

History and etymology of rude

The adjective 'rude' has a fascinating etymological background that can be traced back to the Latin word 'rudis,' which meant 'rough' or 'untrained.' In ancient Rome, 'rudis' was used to describe someone who lacked education or refinement, often referring to gladiators who were considered unskilled fighters. Over time, the term evolved to convey a sense of uncouth or unpolished behavior, particularly in the context of lacking courtesy, consideration, or respect for others. The transformation of meaning reflects the historical association between roughness or lack of refinement and behavior that is considered impolite or disrespectful. Thus, the word 'rude' serves as a reminder of the connection between one's level of refinement and their interactions with others.

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Further usage examples of rude

1. I was taken aback by the rude email I received from my coworker, filled with insults and derogatory remarks.
2. I find it rude when people chew with their mouths open during a meal.
3. The child's rude behavior towards their teacher resulted in disciplinary action.
4. The party guest was so rude that they insulted the host's cooking right in front of everyone.
5. The salesperson's rude attitude made me reconsider making a purchase at that store.
6. His rude comment during the meeting offended everyone present.
7. She gave him a rude look when he interrupted her conversation.
8. The customer's rude behavior towards the cashier was unacceptable.
9. It's important to address rude behavior in the workplace.
10. The teenager's rude response to his parents upset them.
11. Talking loudly in the library is considered very rude.
12. Being rude to your neighbors can lead to conflicts.
13. The rude driver honked aggressively at the slow-moving car.
14. Her rude text message shocked her friends.
15. Rude emails can damage professional relationships.
16. It's rude to talk on the phone in a movie theater.
17. The comedian's jokes were funny but sometimes rude.
18. He regretted his rude behavior at the party last night.
19. The teacher scolded the students for their rude comments.
20. Rude gestures on the road can lead to road rage incidents.
21. The customer service representative was rude and unhelpful.
22. It's considered rude to interrupt someone while they speak.
23. Rude behavior can tarnish your reputation.
24. The restaurant had a strict policy against rude customers.
25. A polite response is always better than a rude one.



impolite, courteous, polite, respectful


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