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elevate, lower, decrease, diminish



How to pronounce boost (audio)

Dictionary definition of boost

To increase, improve, or enhance something, often with the intention of raising its value, strength, effectiveness, or success.
"The new marketing campaign helped boost sales for the company."

Detailed meaning of boost

When someone or something is boosted, it means they are given a push or a lift to reach a higher level or achieve a better outcome. Boosting can involve providing support, encouragement, resources, or advantages to propel the target towards improvement or growth. It can also involve amplifying or intensifying certain aspects or qualities to enhance performance, visibility, or impact. Boosting can occur in various contexts, including personal development, business, sports, or technology. It often implies taking action to elevate or advance something, whether it be through providing assistance, increasing exposure, fostering growth, or enhancing capabilities. Overall, the verb "boost" encompasses actions aimed at increasing or improving something, with the intention of achieving better results or elevating its status.

Example sentences of boost

1. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can boost your energy levels.
2. The team's victory in the championship game boosted their confidence.
3. The government implemented measures to boost the economy.
4. Regular exercise can boost your overall health and well-being.
5. She received positive feedback, which boosted her motivation to continue working hard.
6. The scholarship grant will greatly boost his chances of attending university.

History and etymology of boost

The verb 'boost' derives its etymology from the Middle German word 'būst,' which meant 'to lift' or 'to push.' This Middle German term, in turn, can be traced back to the Old High German word 'biustan,' meaning 'to lift' or 'to raise.' The key concept in the etymology of 'boost' is the notion of elevation or upward movement, which is reflected in its historical roots. Over time, the meaning of 'boost' evolved to describe not only physical lifting but also the action of raising or increasing something abstract, such as value, strength, effectiveness, or success. This transformation in meaning highlights how language adapts to convey the evolving nuances of human actions and intentions, ultimately resulting in the versatile verb 'boost' that we use today to signify the enhancement or improvement of various aspects of life and endeavors.

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Further usage examples of boost

1. The new software update aims to boost the performance of the computer system.
2. The team hired a consultant to help boost their productivity and efficiency.
3. A good night's sleep can boost your cognitive abilities and concentration.
4. The endorsement from a famous celebrity boosted the brand's reputation.
5. The charity's donation will help boost resources for the local community.
6. Regular exercise can boost your overall health.
7. A good education can boost career opportunities.
8. The new software will boost productivity.
9. Adding a fresh coat of paint can boost curb appeal.
10. Positive feedback can boost employee morale.
11. They hope to boost sales with a new marketing campaign.
12. A healthy diet can boost your energy levels.
13. A strong leader can boost team performance.
14. Investing in infrastructure can boost economic growth.
15. A supportive network can boost your confidence.
16. Upgrading your skills can boost your employability.
17. Innovation can boost a company's competitiveness.
18. Good communication can boost relationships.
19. A balanced diet can boost your immune system.
20. Solar panels can boost energy efficiency.
21. The promotion will boost her career prospects.
22. Adding keywords can boost online visibility.
23. A positive attitude can boost personal growth.
24. New technology can boost production efficiency.
25. Effective time management can boost productivity.


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