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How to pronounce increase (audio)

Dictionary definition of increase

To become greater in quantity, size, extent, or intensity.
"The investment in technology resulted in an increase in productivity."

Detailed meaning of increase

When something is said to increase, it means that it is growing, expanding, or advancing in some way. This can apply to a wide range of contexts, including numbers, values, amounts, levels, dimensions, or magnitudes. Increasing often implies a positive change, indicating progress, improvement, or a rise in a particular attribute or characteristic. It can refer to the growth of physical objects, such as population, revenue, or production, as well as abstract concepts like knowledge, awareness, or influence. Increasing can occur gradually or rapidly, and it can be influenced by various factors, such as demand, supply, investments, advancements, or natural processes. Recognizing and understanding patterns of increase is essential in various fields, including economics, science, statistics, and everyday decision-making. The verb "increase" encompasses the idea of growth, expansion, or advancement, reflecting a positive change in quantity, size, extent, or intensity.

Example sentences containing increase

1. The company plans to increase its workforce by hiring more employees.
2. Regular exercise can help increase endurance and improve overall fitness.
3. The price of gasoline is expected to increase in the coming months.
4. We need to increase our efforts to reduce plastic waste and promote recycling.
5. The government implemented policies to increase access to quality education.
6. The company introduced new marketing strategies to increase brand awareness.

History and etymology of increase

The verb 'increase' has its roots in Latin, originating from the combination of 'in,' meaning 'in' or 'into,' and 'crescere,' meaning 'to grow' or 'to become greater.' 'Crescere' is linked to the idea of growth and development. Therefore, the etymology of 'increase' conveys the notion of something growing or becoming greater in quantity, size, extent, or intensity. It signifies the process of expansion and augmentation, often used to describe the rise or enhancement of various attributes or measurements. This word has retained its fundamental meaning across languages, serving as a term to denote the act of things getting larger or more significant.

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Further usage examples of increase

1. The teacher noticed a significant increase in student participation after implementing interactive activities.
2. The population of the city has been steadily increasing over the past decade.
3. The temperature is set to increase as we move into the summer season.
4. The sales team worked diligently to increase their sales targets for the quarter.
5. The organization aims to increase its impact by expanding its reach to underserved communities.
6. We need to increase our productivity to meet the deadline.
7. The temperature is expected to increase significantly tomorrow.
8. They decided to increase their advertising budget.
9. Regular exercise can increase your energy levels.
10. The company plans to increase its market share.
11. A healthy diet can increase your overall well-being.
12. They aim to increase customer satisfaction.
13. It's important to increase your savings for the future.
14. Pollution can increase the risk of health problems.
15. The demand for this product is likely to increase.
16. He wants to increase his knowledge in that field.
17. Adding more staff will increase efficiency.
18. A price hike could increase our expenses.
19. Let's increase the font size for better readability.
20. The storm is expected to increase in intensity.
21. They are looking to increase their social media presence.
22. The city plans to increase public transportation options.
23. Reducing waste can increase sustainability.
24. We should increase our efforts to reduce pollution.
25. Proper maintenance can increase the lifespan of equipment.



augment, decrease, diminish, reduce


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