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improve, diminish, worsen, degrade


Prefix en-, Suffix -ance, Progress and Enhancement, Middle School 6, Improvement and Deterioration



How to pronounce enhance (audio)


Dictionary definition of enhance

To improve, intensify, or increase the quality, value, or effectiveness of something.
"Regular exercise can enhance your physical fitness and overall well-being."

Detailed meaning of enhance

When we enhance something, we make it better, stronger, or more favorable in some way. This can involve various methods, such as adding elements, refining existing features, or making modifications to optimize performance or impact. Enhancing can be applied to different areas, including physical objects, skills, experiences, or qualities. It often entails elevating attributes, capabilities, or characteristics to a higher level, whether it be enhancing the flavor of a dish, enhancing the appearance of a room with decorations, or enhancing one's knowledge through education. The goal of enhancement is to bring about positive changes that enhance the overall quality, functionality, or desirability of the subject in question.

Example sentences containing enhance

1. Adding spices can enhance the flavor of a dish.
2. Studying abroad can enhance your cultural awareness and language skills.
3. The new software update is designed to enhance the performance of your computer.
4. Wearing sunglasses can enhance your vision by reducing glare.
5. Good lighting can enhance the ambiance of a room.
6. Taking vitamin supplements can enhance your immune system.

History and etymology of enhance

The verb 'enhance' traces its roots to the Middle English word 'enauncen,' which evolved from the Old French word 'enhaucier.' This Old French term is composed of two elements: 'en,' meaning 'to make' or 'cause to be,' and 'haucier,' meaning 'higher' or 'to raise.' The underlying notion of 'enhance' is closely tied to the idea of elevating or raising the quality, value, or effectiveness of something. It conveys the concept of improvement by intensifying or amplifying certain attributes, much like lifting an object to a higher level. Thus, 'enhance' embodies the idea of making something better or superior by increasing its inherent qualities or attributes, and its etymology reflects this sense of upward improvement.

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Further usage examples of enhance

1. Reading books can enhance your knowledge and expand your horizons.
2. Effective communication skills can enhance your relationships with others.
3. A fresh coat of paint can enhance the appearance of a room.
4. Using high-quality ingredients can enhance the taste of a recipe.
5. Regular practice can enhance your skills in any field.
6. Regular exercise can enhance your overall well-being.
7. Innovations in technology continually enhance our lives.
8. Adding spices can enhance the flavor of your dishes.
9. Proper lighting can enhance the ambiance of a room.
10. Education has the power to enhance your future prospects.
11. A good night's sleep can enhance your productivity.
12. Effective leadership can enhance team performance.
13. Music can enhance the mood of any social gathering.
14. High-quality ingredients enhance the taste of a meal.
15. Investing in education can enhance your career opportunities.
16. Positive feedback can enhance employee motivation.
17. The right accessories can enhance your outfit.
18. A diverse workforce can enhance creativity and innovation.
19. Conservation efforts aim to enhance natural habitats.
20. Meditation can enhance your mental clarity and focus.
21. Upgrading your equipment can enhance workflow efficiency.
22. Networking can enhance your professional connections.
23. Quality control measures enhance product reliability.
24. Artwork can enhance the aesthetics of a space.
25. Good communication can enhance relationships.

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