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How to pronounce bounty (audio)

Dictionary definition of bounty

An abundance or generous supply of something, often tangible goods, resources, or benefits, that are given or received freely and generously.
"The harvest brought a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables to the market."

Detailed meaning of bounty

Bounties can take many forms, such as a plentiful harvest of crops, a reward or prize offered for a specific task or achievement, or acts of kindness and generosity bestowed upon others. The term conveys a sense of plenty and prosperity, emphasizing the idea of abundance and munificence. Bounties are often associated with acts of generosity, goodwill, or gratitude, where individuals or organizations offer something valuable without expecting something in return. This concept of bounty is deeply rooted in the idea of sharing and providing for the well-being and happiness of others.

Example sentences of bounty

1. The forest offered a bounty of mushrooms after the rain.
2. She was grateful for the bounty of fresh vegetables from the garden.
3. The holiday feast featured a bounty of delicious dishes.
4. The explorer marveled at the bounty of exotic fruits in the jungle.
5. The treasure hunters hoped to find a bounty of gold doubloons.
6. The ocean provided a bounty of seafood for the coastal village.

History and etymology of bounty

The noun 'bounty' has its etymological origins in the Old French word 'bontet,' which is derived from the Latin 'bonitas,' meaning 'goodness' or 'generosity.' In its early usage, 'bounty' was closely associated with the concept of goodness and generosity. Over time, it came to represent an abundance or generous supply of something, often tangible goods, resources, or benefits, that are given or received freely and generously. This evolution in meaning reflects the idea that a bounty is a manifestation of goodness and generosity, making it a fitting term to describe the ample and freely given provisions or rewards that one may receive. The connection to the Latin 'bonitas' underscores the sense of benevolence and plenty associated with the word 'bounty.'

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Further usage examples of bounty

1. The charity distributed a bounty of warm blankets to the homeless.
2. The harvest festival celebrated the bounty of the land.
3. His generosity knew no bounds; he shared his bounty with everyone.
4. The bakery displayed a bounty of delectable pastries.
5. The farmer reaped the bounty of a bountiful harvest.
6. The shipwreck survivors lived off the bounty of the island.
7. The garden's bounty included colorful flowers and ripe fruits.
8. The philanthropist's donations resulted in a bounty of opportunities.
9. The holiday season brought a bounty of joy and goodwill.
10. The community shared in the bounty of a successful fundraiser.
11. The chef used the garden's bounty to create a gourmet meal.
12. The explorer discovered a hidden cave with a bounty of ancient artifacts.
13. The forest's bounty sustained the wildlife throughout the year.
14. The musician's talent brought him a bounty of fans and fame.
15. The treasure hunter was excited to discover a bounty of gold and jewels.
16. The explorer returned from his journey with a bounty of new discoveries.
17. The philanthropist donated a bounty of money to the charity organization.
18. The pirate ship was known for its bounty of stolen goods.
19. The naturalist marveled at the bounty of plant and animal life in the rainforest.
20. The company offered a bounty to anyone who could find a solution to their technical problem.
21. The chef created a delicious meal using a bounty of local ingredients.
22. The hunter was proud to display his bounty of deer and elk on his wall.
23. The farmer was grateful for the bounty of rain that helped his crops grow.
24. The artist's studio was filled with a bounty of colorful paints and brushes.
25. The writer's notebook was filled with a bounty of ideas for her next book.



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