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How to pronounce bonanza (audio)

Dictionary definition of bonanza

A large and profitable discovery or opportunity, often in the context of business or economics.
"The discovery of oil resulted in a bonanza for the local economy."

Detailed meaning of bonanza

It can refer to a sudden windfall of wealth or success, such as the discovery of a valuable mineral deposit or the launch of a highly successful product. The term "bonanza" often implies a degree of unexpectedness and excitement, as well as a sense of good fortune or luck. In popular culture, the term is often associated with the American West, where it was commonly used to describe the gold and silver rushes of the 19th century. Today, the term is still used in a variety of contexts to describe a highly profitable or successful venture. Overall, the term "bonanza" suggests a sense of abundance and good fortune that can come from seizing the right opportunity at the right time.

Example sentences of bonanza

1. The discovery of gold in the river triggered a mining bonanza.
2. Her garage sale turned into a unexpected bonanza when collectors arrived.
3. The sale at the department store was a shopping bonanza with huge discounts.
4. The company's recent merger resulted in a financial bonanza for its shareholders.
5. The invention of the smartphone was a technological bonanza for consumers.
6. The stock market experienced a sudden bonanza, leading to record-breaking gains.

History and etymology of bonanza

The noun 'bonanza' traces its etymological origins to Spanish. It is derived from the Spanish word 'bonanza,' which originally referred to calm or fair weather at sea. Over time, the term's meaning expanded to encompass the idea of a large and profitable discovery or opportunity, particularly in the context of business or economics. The association with wealth and prosperity likely developed because favorable weather conditions at sea were seen as a stroke of good luck for sailors and traders. In English, 'bonanza' is now used to describe any situation or venture that yields substantial profits or success, often unexpectedly or fortuitously. It conveys the sense of a valuable windfall or a highly lucrative opportunity that can significantly benefit individuals, businesses, or industries.

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Further usage examples of bonanza

1. The annual harvest festival was a culinary bonanza, featuring delicious dishes from around the world.
2. The unexpected inheritance turned out to be a financial bonanza for the family.
3. The city's tourism industry experienced a bonanza thanks to a popular film shoot.
4. The lottery winner described his windfall as a life-changing bonanza.
5. The treasure hunters stumbled upon a hidden cave filled with ancient artifacts, a historical bonanza.
6. The discovery of a new oil reserve in the region led to an economic bonanza.
7. The recent rainfall resulted in a farming bonanza, yielding bountiful crops.
8. The clearance sale at the electronics store was a gadget lover's bonanza.
9. The tech company's new product release was a marketing bonanza, creating a buzz in the industry.
10. The casino's slot machine paid out a jackpot, turning one lucky player's night into a gambling bonanza.
11. The antique show featured a bonanza of rare and valuable collectibles.
12. The real estate market was a bonanza for sellers as housing prices soared.
13. The film industry experienced a creative bonanza, with many new talented directors emerging.
14. The book fair turned into a literary bonanza, attracting avid readers from all over.
15. The online auction of vintage toys became a collector's bonanza, with bidding wars breaking out.
16. The holiday season brought a retail bonanza, with stores offering numerous promotions and discounts.
17. The discovery of a new species of plant in the rainforest was a scientific bonanza for biologists.



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