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How to pronounce brandish (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'brandish'

To wave or shake something in a threatening or dramatic manner, typically a weapon or an object that is intended to be used as a weapon.
"The knight would brandish his sword, ready to defend the castle."

Detailed Meaning of 'brandish'

This action is often done with an intention to intimidate or display power, and it can be used as a show of force or as a warning. Brandishing can also be used in a non-threatening context, such as when a person is proudly displaying an object they possess, like a trophy or a certificate. The word 'brandish' comes from the Old French word 'brandir,' meaning to flourish or to wave.

History and Etymology of 'brandish'

The verb 'brandish' has its origins in the Old French word 'brandir,' which meant 'to flourish' or 'to wave.' This Old French term was derived from the Frankish word 'brand,' which referred to a burning piece of wood or a torch. The idea behind 'brandish' is closely tied to the dramatic waving or shaking of an object, often a weapon, in a manner that can be perceived as threatening or impressive. The connection to 'brand' or a burning torch underscores the visual impact of the action, as if one were waving a torch to signal a message or display a weapon in a menacing or showy way. Thus, the etymology of 'brandish' reflects its historical association with dramatic and often menacing gestures involving objects like weapons.

Examples of 'brandish' in a Sentence

1. The knight would brandish his shield as he charged into battle.
2. The artist would brandish a paintbrush with skill and precision.
3. The teacher would brandish a pointer to highlight important information on the board.
4. The conductor would brandish his baton, signaling the start of the performance.
5. The chef would brandish a chef's knife while preparing the ingredients.
6. The dancer would brandish her ribbons, adding grace to her performance.
7. The officer would brandish a badge to assert their authority.
8. The rockstar would brandish their guitar, captivating the crowd with their music.
9. The actor would brandish a prop gun during the intense scene.
10. The athlete would brandish their medal, proud of their achievement.
11. The king would brandish his scepter to symbolize his rule.
12. The superhero would brandish their superpowers to fight against evil.
13. The cowboy would brandish a lasso, skillfully roping cattle.
14. In anger, he'll brandish a knife, eyes wild, ready to strike.
15. Heroes brandish swords, valiant, standing against evil forces.
16. Amidst the crowd, one will brandish a stick, inciting fear.
17. In movies, characters often brandish guns with intense stares.
18. Witches, in tales, brandish wands casting ominous spells.
19. Soldiers brandish weapons, a sight that signals imminent war.
20. Pirates brandish cutlasses, grinning, ready for a fight.
21. Robbers sometimes brandish knives, demanding your valuables.
22. Warriors in epics brandish spears, showcasing their might.
23. Vigilantes brandish weapons in the dark, hunting the wicked.
24. In alleys, thugs brandish chains, ready to attack.





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