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How to pronounce buffer (audio)

Dictionary definition of buffer

A material or device that serves as a cushion or protective barrier between two objects or surfaces.
"The city park acted as a buffer against urban noise and pollution."

Detailed meaning of buffer

A buffer can absorb or reduce the impact of external forces, thereby minimizing damage or wear to the objects it is protecting. Buffers can be found in various contexts, such as in the form of shock absorbers in vehicles, or as pads on the feet of furniture to prevent scratches on floors. Buffers can also be used metaphorically, to refer to a person or thing that helps to minimize the effects of a difficult or contentious situation. For example, a mediator may act as a buffer between two parties in a conflict, or a savings account may act as a buffer against financial difficulties. In these contexts, a buffer can serve as a protective layer or intermediary that helps to maintain balance and stability.

Example sentences of buffer

1. The airbag acts as a buffer during a car crash.
2. A buffer zone separates the two conflicting parties.
3. He used a sponge as a buffer to protect delicate glassware.
4. Diplomacy can act as a buffer to prevent conflicts.
5. The forest acts as a natural buffer against erosion.
6. A financial buffer helps in times of unexpected expenses.

History and etymology of buffer

The noun 'buffer' has an etymology rooted in the concept of softening or lessening the impact of something. It originally came from the Old French word 'buffeur,' which referred to a person who reduced the force of a blow or shock, often in the context of combat. This term derived from the Old French 'buf,' meaning 'a blow' or 'a punch,' which had its origins in the Latin word 'bufare,' meaning 'to puff' or 'to blow.' Over time, 'buffer' evolved to describe not just a person but also a material or device that serves as a cushion or protective barrier between two objects or surfaces. The etymology of 'buffer' captures the essence of mitigating force or impact, making it an appropriate term to describe anything that acts as a protective cushion or barrier.

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Further usage examples of buffer

1. A soft pillow serves as a buffer between your head and the mattress.
2. The buffer strip prevents soil runoff into the river.
3. A rubber buffer absorbs shock in machinery.
4. Buffer solutions help maintain a stable pH level.
5. The diplomatic talks aimed to create a buffer against tension.
6. Buffer zones are established to protect wildlife habitats.
7. Buffer memory stores data temporarily.
8. A firewall acts as a buffer against cyber threats.
9. Buffering in streaming prevents interruptions in video playback.
10. They placed cushions as a buffer on the sharp corners.
11. Buffering in coding helps manage data flow.
12. Buffering speeds up data transfer between devices.
13. Buffer space is allocated for temporary storage.
14. A green belt serves as a buffer between urban areas and nature.
15. The trees served as a buffer between the highway and the residential area, reducing noise and pollution.
16. In chemistry, a buffer solution is used to maintain a stable pH level when acids or bases are added.
17. The company maintained a financial buffer to protect against unexpected expenses or downturns.
18. The software uses a buffer to temporarily store data while it's being transferred.
19. He kept a polite buffer of distance between himself and the angry customer, to ensure his own safety.
20. The government created a buffer zone between the two conflicting regions to prevent escalation.
21. Adding a buffer of extra time to your schedule can help in managing unforeseen delays.
22. The wetlands act as a natural buffer, protecting the coastline from erosion due to waves and storms.
23. The buffer in video streaming allows for smoother playback by pre-loading portions of the video.
24. She tried to create a buffer between her work life and personal life to reduce stress.
25. Anti-shock buffers are placed on trains to minimize the impact of collision.
26. In graphic design, a buffer layer can be used to experiment with different elements without altering the original image.


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