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How to pronounce bursary (audio)

Dictionary definition of bursary

A form of financial aid that is awarded to students to help them pay for their education.
"The bursary is a valuable resource for students who need financial assistance."

Detailed meaning of bursary

Bursaries are usually awarded based on financial need and are intended to help students who may not be able to afford the full cost of tuition, books and other expenses related to their education. They are often provided by educational institutions, private organizations, charities, or the government. A bursary is different from a scholarship, which is usually awarded based on academic merit or other achievements. Bursaries are generally awarded based on financial need and may not have to be repaid, unlike loans. They can also be awarded to cover specific expenses, such as accommodation or travel expenses, or to support students in specific fields of study. Bursaries are often given to students from low-income families, disabled students or students from minority groups, to help them access higher education and overcome financial barriers.

Example sentences of bursary

1. She applied for a bursary to cover her tuition fees.
2. The university offers a bursary to deserving students.
3. He received a bursary that helped him attend college.
4. The bursary program supports students from low-income backgrounds.
5. Her academic achievements earned her a full bursary.
6. Many students rely on a bursary to fund their education.

History and etymology of bursary

The noun 'bursary' has its etymology rooted in Latin and Middle English. It derives from the Medieval Latin term 'bursarius,' which referred to a person responsible for managing funds, especially in religious institutions. This Latin word, in turn, is related to 'bursa,' meaning 'purse' or 'bag,' and it symbolized the financial administration of an organization. As the term evolved into Middle English, it took on the meaning of a financial grant or stipend provided to students, often with the intention of supporting their education. The etymology of 'bursary' thus reflects its historical association with the management of funds and the provision of financial assistance, particularly in the context of education, where it continues to play a crucial role in helping students pursue their studies.

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Further usage examples of bursary

1. The bursary application deadline is approaching.
2. The scholarship committee reviews bursary applications carefully.
3. He was grateful for the bursary that eased his financial burden.
4. The government introduced a new bursary program for students.
5. The bursary covered her textbooks and living expenses.
6. The school awards a bursary based on academic merit.
7. The bursary helped him pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.
8. She searched for available bursary opportunities online.
9. The organization sponsors a bursary for underprivileged students.
10. Receiving the bursary was a life-changing moment for him.
11. They established a bursary fund to support local students.
12. The bursary enabled her to attend a prestigious university.
13. Applying for multiple bursaries increased her chances of success.
14. The bursary program aims to make education accessible to all.
15. I applied for a bursary to help cover my tuition costs.
16. The bursary program is designed to assist low-income students.
17. I received a bursary for my graduate studies in engineering.
18. The bursary committee will review all applications next month.
19. My university offers several bursary options for international students.
20. The bursary will provide a much-needed financial boost for my education.
21. I am grateful for the bursary that helped me afford my textbooks.
22. The bursary application deadline is fast approaching, so I need to hurry.
23. I was awarded a bursary for my research in the field of renewable energy.
24. I am honored to have been chosen for this bursary opportunity.
25. The bursary will help me cover the cost of my living expenses while I study.



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