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voluptuous, flat, slender, skinny



How to pronounce buxom (audio)

Dictionary definition of buxom

Full-bodied and curvaceous, particularly in the area of the breasts.
"The buxom woman drew many admiring glances as she walked down the street."

Detailed meaning of buxom

The adjective "buxom" is used to describe a woman who is It is often used to describe a woman who is shapely and voluptuous, with a generous and appealing figure. The word "buxom" has a connotation of health, vitality, and fertility, and is generally considered a positive and complimentary term. While the word is typically associated with physical attributes, it can also connote a warm and welcoming personality. Overall, the adjective "buxom" describes a woman who possesses a pleasing and attractive combination of physical and personal qualities.

Example sentences of buxom

1. She walked into the room with confidence, her buxom figure turning heads.
2. The burlesque dancer flaunted her buxom physique in a stunning sequined costume.
3. The Renaissance painting depicted a group of buxom women lounging by the river.
4. The old tavern had a sign featuring a buxom barmaid pouring ale for customers.
5. The novel's protagonist had a reputation for wooing buxom beauties throughout the town.
6. The costume party was a hit, with guests dressed as pirates, witches, and buxom fairies.

History and etymology of buxom

The adjective 'buxom' has its etymological origins in the Middle English word 'buxsum,' which meant 'obedient' or 'compliant.' Over time, its meaning shifted to describe someone who is full-bodied and curvaceous, particularly in the area of the breasts. The transformation in meaning likely arose due to a cultural association of plumpness and ample curves with health and vitality. 'Buxom' embodies the concept of a woman having a pleasingly rounded and voluptuous figure, especially in the context of traditional beauty standards. It's a term that has evolved over centuries to reflect changing ideals of attractiveness while retaining its connotations of health and allure.

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Further usage examples of buxom

1. The vintage pin-up posters celebrated the allure of buxom women from the past.
2. Despite her buxom appearance, she was an accomplished athlete and marathon runner.
3. The magazine cover featured a buxom model in a glamorous evening gown.
4. The soap opera's plot often revolved around the drama of buxom characters in a wealthy neighborhood.
5. The portrait artist focused on capturing the elegance of the woman's buxom profile.
6. The burlesque show featured a lineup of talented performers, each with their own buxom style.
7. The medieval tapestry depicted a scene of merriment, with knights and buxom maidens dancing.
8. She embraced her buxom figure and dressed in outfits that showcased her confidence.
9. The costume designer created elaborate dresses that accentuated the actresses' buxom attributes.
10. The beach scene was lively, with buxom sunbathers enjoying the warm weather.
11. The historical romance novel described the beauty of the buxom heroine in elaborate detail.
12. The buxom mannequins in the store's window display showcased the latest lingerie collection.
13. The comedy club featured a hilarious stand-up routine about the challenges of dating buxom partners.
14. The painting portrayed a buxom mermaid lounging on a rocky outcrop in the moonlight.



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