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How to pronounce curvaceous (audio)

Dictionary definition of curvaceous

Having pleasing and well-defined curves, particularly in reference to the shape of the body.
"The dress was designed to accentuate her curvaceous hips and hourglass shape."

Detailed meaning of curvaceous

It suggests a figure characterized by smooth, graceful, and aesthetically pleasing curves, typically emphasizing an ample bust, a narrow waist, and rounded hips. When used to describe a person, "curvaceous" often implies a shapely and voluptuous physique, with the curves accentuating femininity and attractiveness. The term can also be applied to inanimate objects, such as furniture or architecture, to denote graceful and flowing lines that create visually appealing curves. "Curvaceous" celebrates and appreciates the natural contours and curves, embodying a positive and complimentary quality associated with beauty, sensuality, and elegance.

Example sentences containing curvaceous

1. She confidently flaunted her curvaceous figure at the beach.
2. The model's curvaceous silhouette captivated the audience's attention.
3. The curvaceous lines of the sports car exuded a sense of speed and elegance.
4. The actress is known for her curvaceous beauty and stunning curves.
5. The curvaceous staircase added a touch of sophistication to the grand entrance.
6. The sculpture depicted a curvaceous goddess, symbolizing femininity and fertility.

History and etymology of curvaceous

The adjective 'curvaceous' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'curvus,' which means 'bent' or 'curved.' Over time, the term 'curvaceous' evolved to describe something that has pleasing and well-defined curves, especially in reference to the shape of the human body. It conveys the idea of a figure with graceful, shapely contours. The etymology of 'curvaceous' underscores its historical association with curvature and the appreciation of aesthetically pleasing curves, particularly in describing the attractive shape of a person's body.

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Further usage examples of curvaceous

1. Her curvaceous smile brightened up the entire room.
2. The curvaceous landscape of rolling hills was a sight to behold.
3. The fashion industry is starting to embrace more diversity by featuring curvaceous models.
4. The curvaceous vase showcased the artistry and craftsmanship of the potter.
5. She loved the way her curvaceous body made her feel confident and empowered.
6. She walked with confidence, her curvaceous figure turning heads.
7. The dress accentuated her curvaceous silhouette beautifully.
8. Many consider Marilyn Monroe the epitome of curvaceous beauty.
9. The runway model's curvaceous physique challenged stereotypes.
10. Her curvaceous hips and slender waist created an hourglass shape.
11. The sculpture captured the elegance of a curvaceous form.
12. Fitness routines can help maintain a curvaceous body.
13. She radiated self-assuredness, proud of her curvaceous body.
14. The gown was designed to flatter her curvaceous curves.
15. Curvaceous lines in architecture can be visually striking.
16. Embrace your curvaceous body and love yourself fully.
17. The swimwear showcased her curvaceous contours perfectly.
18. The artist's painting portrayed a curvaceous landscape.
19. Celebrate the beauty of all curvaceous body types.
20. A curvaceous road led us through picturesque scenery.
21. The actress's curvaceous charm captivated audiences.
22. Her curvaceous hips swayed to the rhythm of the music.
23. The vintage car's curvaceous design was timeless.
24. Curvaceous furniture adds elegance to any room.
25. Confidence is key to flaunting your curvaceous figure.



voluptuous, straight, flat, angular


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