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How to pronounce voluptuous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of voluptuous

Characterized by sensual pleasure, often relating to physical beauty, curves, or sensory indulgence.
"She had a voluptuous figure that drew attention."


Detailed meaning of voluptuous

When something is described as voluptuous, it implies a richness and luxuriousness in its appearance or sensory experience that is deeply appealing. This term is frequently applied to describe a person's physical attractiveness, especially when they have full, shapely, and alluring features. Additionally, it can be used to portray sensory experiences, such as the voluptuous taste of fine chocolate or the voluptuous scent of a fragrant flower. "Voluptuous" underscores the idea of sensuality, opulence, and indulgence, often invoking a strong sense of allure and desire in the observer or experiencer.

Example sentences containing voluptuous

1. The velvet drapes, voluptuous and rich, gave the room an air of grandeur.
2. She admired the voluptuous roses blooming in her mother's garden.
3. The melody was voluptuous and seductive, enticing everyone onto the dance floor.
4. The designer's latest collection celebrated the beauty of voluptuous figures.
5. Her sculptures were known for their voluptuous forms, embodying femininity and strength.
6. The dessert was a voluptuous concoction of cream, chocolate, and berries.

History and etymology of voluptuous

The adjective 'voluptuous' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'voluptuosus,' which means 'full of pleasure' or 'luxurious.' 'Voluptuous' describes something that is characterized by sensual pleasure, often relating to physical beauty, curves, or sensory indulgence. The term embodies the concept of sensory delight and the enjoyment of physical pleasures, emphasizing a richness and sensuality in the experience. 'Voluptuous' is frequently used to describe the alluring and seductive qualities of an individual's physical appearance, particularly when it comes to their curves and contours. It reflects the human capacity for reveling in the pleasures of the senses and appreciating the allure of beauty and sensuality in various forms.

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Further usage examples of voluptuous

1. He appreciated the voluptuous curves of the vintage car.
2. The voluptuous details of the Gothic architecture left tourists in awe.
3. Her voluptuous voice was enchanting, commanding the audience's attention effortlessly.
4. He enjoyed the voluptuous comfort of the plush hotel bed.
5. The velvet fabric draped the chair in a voluptuous fashion.
6. The artist's brush captured the voluptuous landscape under the golden sun.
7. She adorned herself with a voluptuous silk scarf of vibrant colors.
8. The new wine had a voluptuous and complex palate, much to the delight of the connoisseurs.
9. His brush strokes created voluptuous waves crashing against the rocks.
10. The setting sun bathed the voluptuous hills in a warm, soft light.
11. The fashion industry is slowly embracing the allure of voluptuous models.
12. The voluptuous textures in the painting invited people to touch and explore.
13. Her dress was voluptuous, complementing her curvaceous figure perfectly.
14. The perfume had a voluptuous scent, reminiscent of tropical flowers and spices.



curvaceous, skinny, thin, gaunt


Attraction and Allure, Beauty and Appearance, Seduction and Allure, Aesthetic and Appearance

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