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How to pronounce bygone (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'bygone'

Belonging to an earlier time or has passed into history.
"The old photographs captured moments from a bygone era."

Detailed Meaning of 'bygone'

It describes things or events that are no longer current or prevalent in the present. Bygone implies a sense of nostalgia, as it often evokes memories or sentiments associated with a specific period or era that has since ended. It can refer to past customs, practices, or technologies that are no longer in use or relevant to the modern world. Bygone can also describe a sense of something being forgotten or left behind, existing only in the annals of history. Whether it's a bygone era, a bygone tradition, or a bygone style, the term conveys a wistful reflection on the past, highlighting the passage of time and the changes that have occurred over the years.

History and Etymology of 'bygone'

The adjective 'bygone' has a clear etymology that reflects its meaning of something belonging to an earlier time or having passed into history. It originated in the late 16th century and is a compound word formed from 'by' and 'gone.' 'By' in this context means 'past' or 'beyond,' and 'gone' refers to something that has moved or passed away. When combined, 'bygone' quite literally means 'gone by' or 'passed by,' perfectly encapsulating the idea of things that are no longer part of the present but belong to a time that has receded into the past. Its etymology elegantly conveys the concept of temporal distance and historical significance associated with bygone eras and events.

Examples of 'bygone' in a Sentence

1. The abandoned factory stood as a reminder of a bygone industrial era.
2. The bygone fashion trends of the 1980s made a comeback.
3. The historian specialized in studying the bygone civilizations of ancient times.
4. The old theater showcased classic movies from bygone decades.
5. The bygone glory of the once-thriving city could still be glimpsed in its architectural remnants.
6. Bygone days of handwritten letters evoke nostalgia.
7. Vintage dresses from bygone fashion trends are trendy again.
8. Rotary phones remind us of bygone communication methods.
9. The older generation's bygone values differ from today's.
10. Childhood memories from bygone years remain precious.
11. Antique coins from bygone civilizations intrigue collectors.
12. Historic architecture in the city reflects a bygone era.
13. Ancient philosophers' bygone wisdom still resonates.
14. Black-and-white TVs represent a bygone entertainment era.
15. Studying bygone regional customs is fascinating.
16. Steam engines from a bygone age were engineering marvels.
17. Novels set in bygone centuries offer captivating stories.
18. Calligraphy, a bygone art form, is admired for its beauty.
19. Restoring bygone automobiles to their glory is a passion.
20. Alchemy's bygone knowledge laid the foundation for chemistry.
21. The theater troupe's bygone performance was legendary.
22. The industrial revolution ushered in a bygone era of change.





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