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Definition of 'ancient'

Referring to a period in history that is far in the past and distant from the present time.
"The archaeologists discovered ancient artifacts buried deep beneath the desert sands."

Detailed Meaning of 'ancient'

It describes an era that predates the modern or contemporary era, often characterized by significant cultural, historical, or technological differences. Ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, Greeks, or Romans, existed thousands of years ago and left behind enduring legacies. Secondly, 'ancient' can denote something that is old, having existed for a long time. It describes objects, artifacts, or structures that have endured the passage of time and carry historical or cultural significance. Ancient ruins, ancient manuscripts, or ancient artifacts are often valued for their historical insights or artistic merits. Lastly, 'ancient' can metaphorically imply a sense of wisdom, tradition, or timelessness. It conveys a sense of deep-rootedness and enduring relevance, as in ancient wisdom or ancient traditions. Overall, 'ancient' encompasses the notions of historical era, age, longevity, and enduring value.


Examples of 'ancient' in a Sentence

1. The ancient ruins stand as a testament to a bygone era.
2. Ancient civilizations left behind remarkable legacies.
3. The scroll contains the wisdom of ancient philosophers.
4. Exploring ancient history can be a fascinating journey.
5. Ancient texts provide insights into ancient cultures.
6. The city's ancient architecture is a marvel to behold.

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Origins & Etymology of 'ancient'

The adjective 'ancient' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'antiquus,' which signifies 'old' or 'ancient.' 'Antiquus' itself is derived from 'ante,' meaning 'before' or 'in front of.' Therefore, 'ancient' directly conveys the idea of something belonging to a time period that is far in the past and distant from the present. Its etymology underscores the historical sense of antiquity and the recognition of events, objects, or civilizations that existed long before the contemporary era. The term 'ancient' is a testament to the enduring fascination humans have with their distant past, as it allows them to connect with and study the rich history that precedes them.


How to pronounce ancient (audio)


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